2. HAIL, CAESAR! (Vinyl)


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Label: MONDO
CD No: MDO87-1
Release Date: 2016/06/03
Format: 1LP

Mondo is beyond honored to present their very first Coen Brother's soundtrack, as well as our first Carter Burwell score, the magnificent soundtrack for the Coen's latest farce Hail, Caesar! Which marks Burwell's 16th collaboration with the brothers. Prior collaborations include Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, Barton Fink, The Hudsucker Proxy, Fargo, Intolerable Cruelty, The Ladykillers, No Country for Old Men, Burn After Reading, A Serious Man and True Grit. A good part of the magic of this movie comes from the music of Carter Burwell, who dove deep into the period of the film, and the multiple film genres that it explores in each of it's many tangents (including a musical number performed by Channing Tatum.) Also, drawing heavy on the red-scare, bringing selections performed by the Red Army Choir to add bombast to the scenes with would be antagonists of this story. Discussing his work on Hail, Caesar!, Burwell says: ''The challenge and the fun of composing the score to Hail, Caesar! is that the it contains scenes from many films-in-the-making, and each of those was scored in a manner authentic to the period- basically MGM in the 1950s. There is an Esther Williams water ballet, a Hopalong Cassidy Western, a Roman Christ epic, and all of these are subsumed by a kidnapping mystery, which is itself subsumed by a studio executive's crisis of faith. Melodies are shared between these bits of bright cloth to tie them together into a whole, and some of the recording was even done on the same stage where the MGM classics were recorded.''
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Release Date: 2016/6/3

Track List

1?Flat Lux
2?5 Am
3?Hail, Caesar!
4?Baird Hijacked
5?Hobie and Whitey
6?Jonah's Daughter
7?Comrades Convene
8?Cattle Call - Performed By Eddy Arnold
9?Malibu Safe House
10?No Dames! - Performed By Channing Tatum
11?The Hands of Communists
12?Little Eddie
13?Our Father - Performed By Ascension Church Choir
14?Lazy Ol' Moon Overture
15?Lazy Ol' Moon - Performed By Willie Watson
16?Glory of Love
17?Song of India
18?In Pursuit of the Future
19?Slavery and Suffering - Performed By Red Army Choir
20?Soviet Man
21?Denizens of the City
22?Silverman Sax
23?Faith God Damn It!
24?Back to the Backlot
26?Echelon's Song - Performed By Red Army Choir