2. NAKED LUNCH (Heavyweight Vinyl, 2LP)

NAKED LUNCH (Heavyweight Vinyl, 2LP)

Price(USD): $58.90

Label: MONDO
CD No: MDO79
Release Date: 2016/07/08
Format: 2LP

* Featuring original Artwork by Rich Kelly. * Celebrating Naked Lunch's 25th Anniversary. * First time ever on vinyl. In collaboration with Howe Records, we're excited to announce celebrating the 25th anniversary for the score to Naked Lunch. Composed by three-time Oscar-winner Howard Shore collaborating with both jazz legend Ornette Coleman and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The soundtrack is a dazzling mix of a traditional Hollywood Orchestral score with incredible free jazz flourishes from Coleman , here he works with the London Philharmonic creating incredible textures over Shore's beautiful, edgy and moody orchestrations that recall Bernard Herrmann's work on Taxi Driver and occasionally let's loose without them (Bugpowder, Interzone Suite) backed only by his son Denardo on drums, these tracks are thrilling and offer a perfect counterbalance to the more measured tracks with the Orchestra, showcasing the incredible and fearless free jazz stylings that made him a legend.
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Release Date: 2016/7/8

Track List

1?Naked Lunch
2?A. Hauser and O'Brien / B. Bugpowder
5?The Black Meat
6?A. Simpatico / B. Misterioso
7?Fadela's Coven
8?Interzone Suite
9?William Tell (Complete)
12?Dr. Benway
13?Clark Nova Dies
14?Ballad / Joan
15?A. Cloquet's Parrots / B. Midnight Sunrise
16?Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted
17?Welcome to Annexia
19?Hauser and O'Brien (Complete)
20?Dual Typewriters
21?Simpatico (Reprise)
23?Intersong (Take 2)
24?Bugpowder (Take 9)