2. THOR: RAGNAROK (Blue Colored Vinyl, 180g 2LP)

THOR: RAGNAROK (Blue Colored Vinyl, 180g 2LP)

Price(USD): $58.50

Label: MONDO
CD No: MDO190A1
Release Date: 2021/09/24
Format: 2LP

Double colored vinyl LP pressing. Mondo Music, in collaboration with Hollywood Records, is proud to present the premiere vinyl pressing of Mark Mothersbaugh's score to Thor: Ragnarok..
Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 8 discs

Track List

1 Ragnarok Suite
2 Running Short on Options
3 Thor: Ragnarok
4 Weird Things Happen
5 Twilight of the Gods
6 Hela Vs. Asgard
7 Where Am I?
8 Grandmaster's Chambers
9 The Vault
10 No One Escapes
11 Arena Fight
12 Where's the Sword?
13 Go
14 What Heroes Do
15 Flashback
16 Parade
17 The Revolution Has Begun
18 Sakaar Chase
19 Devil's Anus
20 Asgard Is a People
21 Where To? (Includes Theme from Thor By Patrick Doyle)
22 Planet Sakaar
23 Grandmaster Jam Session