2. MERRY CHRISTMAS, MR. LAWRENCE (30th Anniversary Edition) (2CD)

MERRY CHRISTMAS, MR. LAWRENCE (30th Anniversary Edition) (2CD)

Price(USD): $40.90

Label: MIDI(JPN)
CD No: MDCL-5017
Release Date: 2013/11/27
Format: 2CD

Thirtieth anniversary edition of the OST for the movie MERRY CHRISTMAS, MR. LAWRENCE composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Features the high-fidelity SHM-CD format (compatible with standard CD players) and remastering by Seigen Ono. Includes unreleased versions. Comes with liner notes. Cardboard sleeve packaging. Release Date: 2013.11.27(Limited)

Track List

1. Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence
2. Batavia
3. Germination
4. A Hearty Breakfast
5. Before The War
6. The Seed And Sower
7. A Berief Encounter
8. Ride Ride Ride
Cellier's Brother's Song.
9. The Fight
10. Father Christmas
11. Dismissed!
12. Assembly
13. Beyond Reason
14. Sowing The Seed
15. 23rd Psalm
16. Last Regrets
17. Ride Ride Ride
18. The Seed
19. Forbidden Colours

1. Batavia (M-3)
2. Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence (M-34)
3. Germination (M-9)
4. Germination (M-11)
5. The Seed And The Sower (M-16A)
6. M-7 Jyusatsu
7. M-10
8. The Seed And The Sower (M-16 Yajima)
9. A Brief Encounter (M-17)
10. The Fight (M-19)
11. Last Regrets (M-20 and M-22)
12. Father Christmas (M-23)
13. Before The War (M-12)
14. M-14
15. Dismissed! (M-25)
16. Beyond Reason (M-26 to M-27take2)
17. M-29 Shokeijo
18. The Seed (M-29)
19. The Seed (M-33)
20. Last Regrets (take2)
21. M-28A take2
22. M-1 Free Time
23. 23rd Psalm (M-30 take2 INST)
24. M-13 Kanemoto Seppuku
25. Ride Ride Ride (M-18 INST)
26. Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence (Theme Free Time take1)