Price(USD): $22.80

CD No: MBR-227
Release Date: 2023/09/15
Format: 1CD

World Premiere CD Release.
12-page CD booklet with liner notes by Daniel Schweiger.
Limited Edition of 500 units.

In collaboration with Quinta Communications, Music Box Records proudly presents the premiere release of Bill Conti’s score for 2003’s Boys on the Run, a youth adventure-thriller starring Ron Perlman, Jesse Littlejohn, Raquel Beaudene and James Lafferty.

Marking the sole English language production of Luxembourg filmmaker Pol Cruchten (director of the acclaimed documentary Voices from Chernobyl), Boys on the Run is a modern day updating of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, with two juvenile camp escapees seeking a new beginning in West Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. But their idyll is interrupted when they encounter a knife-savvy women their age on the run from fearsome survivalists on the edge of a government attack.

Boys on the Run stands tall as a remarkable and unique score from the Oscar-winning Bill Conti (The Karate Kid, Rocky, The Right Stuff), done for a powerfully emotional film that has so far never been released in America. Taking a lyrically acoustical approach with strong, character-based themes, Conti once again poignantly captures youthful underdogs, yet in an unexpected way. But when the action hits, fans of Conti’s rhythmic work will immediately recognize his powerful voice.

A richly illustrated booklet from frequent Conti chronicler Daniel Schweiger features a new interview with the composer, along with executive producer Paul Rosenblum on the saga of the film and its score that stand as both cinematic and musical revelations. Music Box Records’s album features over 70 minutes of the composer’s score that marks his innovative blend of country, blues and string and electronic-driven suspense as a major new discovery in his repertoire. The CD release is limited to 500 units.

Track List

1. Boy On Run (1:49)
2. Main Title (1:42)
3. Another Family (1:48)
4. Who Would (2:16)
5. 100 Push-Ups (0:33)
6. Meat Truck (3:22)
7. Hey, Not Bad (0:28)
8. Safe Place to Crash (1:42)
9. A Gun With No Bullets (2:01)
10. Past, Present, Future (6:18)
11. It’s a Catfish (1:10)
12. Army After You (1:21)
13. Sorry Boys (5:10)
14. Is He Dead? (1:47)
15. Why Antelope? (3:09)
16. We’re Gonna Be Famous (1:38)
17. Splash (2:09)
18. You O.K.? (3:55)
19. Run! (1:17)
20. My Only Friend (7:34)
21. The Code (1:23)
22. You’re a Traitor (5:22)
23. Knife in My Boot (2:03)
24. Stop It (0:39)
25. All Behind Me (2:47)
26. Not Scared Anymore (2:32)
27. End Credits (4:15)

Total Time: 71:19