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CD No: MBR-217
Release Date: 2022/11/08
Format: 2CD

In collaboration with TF1 Droits Audiovisuels and Colette Delerue, Music Box Records presents the epic Georges Delerue score La Revolution Francaise (The French Revolution). Shown in two parts upon its original release (The Light Years and The Terrible Years), this film by Robert Enrico and Richard T. Heffron was made for the 200th anniversary of the Revolution and detailed the history of the conflict in six hours with an international cast such as Jean-Francois Balmer, Jane Seymour, Andrzej Seweryn, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Sam Neill, Claudia Cardinale, Peter Ustinov, Francois Cluzet et Christopher Lee! The film spans one of the longest and most complex scores by Georges Delerue. The colorful tapestry of the 20+ year history allowed the composer to create one of his most evocative scores ranging from his best-known romantic side to lush period pieces, choral majesty and disturbing strings suspense for the fall of Robespierre and friends.

The score is given a new, expanded release, including the full program of the original Polydor soundtracks with several bonuses. The new 2-CD not only improves the sound and contains over 35 minutes of previously unreleased music from the composer's archives, but also corrects the incorrectly reversed stereo channels of the original Polydor release. Even if you own the original LPs or the now out-of-print CD re-issue, the new release brings something new in all departments.

This deluxe limited 25th anniversary collector's edition is the most ambitious release of the label up to this point. The CD comes in a slipcase which also includes a 16-page full-color booklet with bilingual (French and English) liner notes by Gergely Hubai. The release is limited to 1500 units.- from the label.

This item has a planned release date of September 8th. Pre-orders now being accepted!

Track List


1. Hymne a la Liberte (version orchestrale) (03:54)
2. Le lever du Roi (01:13)
3. Le hameau de la Reine (01:05)
4. Ouverture des Etats generaux (01:06)
5. Premier appel revolutionnaire (01:30)
6. A la Bastille (01:24)
7. Prise de la Bastille (04:20)
8. Fete des barricades (01:47)
9. Abolition des privileges (02:05)
10. Declaration des Droits de l'Homme (04:46)
11. La marche des femmes (03:47)
12. La Fete (02:31)
13. Appels et serment (01:42)
14. Mort de Mirabeau (00:57)
15. Fete au Champ de Mars (01:16)
16. Fersen et Marie-Antoinette (01:07)
17. La Reine et ses enfants (01:31)
18. L'ombre de la guerre (01:13)
19. Defaite des regiments francais (02:27)
20. La Marseillaise (01:28)
21. Fin de la royaute (03:06)
22. Hymne a la Liberte (03:52)
performed by Jessye Norman

Bonus tracks:
23. Les annees lumiere (Generique) (00:35)
24. Mort de Louis-Joseph (01:45)
25. Acclamations du peuple (00:30)
26. Les festivites (00:48)
27. Le piege (02:04)
28. Marat denonce le roi (02:24)
29. Le serment du Jeu de paume (01:01)
30. La Garde nationale / Chute de la monarchie (02:03)
31. Naissance d'un hymne (01:29)
32. Hymne a la Liberte (version orchestrale alternative) (03:05)

Disc 1 Total Time ? 65:13


1. Hymne a la Liberte (version orchestrale) (03:53)
2. Depart de la famille royale (01:09)
3. La Fayette (01:34)
4. Les Prussiens (01:07)
5. Francais contre Prussiens (02:52)
6. Saint-Just (00:59)
7. La tristesse du Roi (02:15)
8. Le vote pour la mort du Roi (02:00)
9. La mort de Gabrielle (00:50)
10. Marat (02:20)
11. Le destin de Marie-Antoinette (02:28)
12. Les executions (01:49)
13. Folie et massacres (04:02)
14. Danton est de retour (01:38)
15. Le complot (02:18)
16. L'imprudence de Desmoulins (01:10)
17. Execution de Danton et Desmoulins (03:54)
18. La folie de Robespierre (01:10)
19. Execution de Robespierre (02:47)
20. Epilogue (01:04)

Bonus tracks:
21. Hymne a la Liberte (variation) (03:01)
performed by Jessye Norman
22. Marie-Antoinette dans sa prison (01:44)
23. Condamnations a mort (01:56)
24. Danton est accuse (02:13)
25. Robespierre et Saint-Just (01:23)
26. Destins separes (01:32)
27. La Revolution devore ses propres enfants (01:29)
28. Robespierre blesse (00:51)
29. Fete de l'Etre supreme (00:36)
30. Les annees terribles (Hymne a la Liberte) (01:48)
31. Hymne a la Liberte (maquette) (03:27)
piano performed by Georges Delerue

Disc 2 Total Time ? 62:38

Total 2-CD Time ? 127:51