2. SWOON


Price(USD): $23.80

CD No: MBR-161
Release Date: 2019/06/06
Format: 1CD

World Premiere CD Release.
8-page CD booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai.

Music Box Records releases the CD version of Nathaniel Mechaly's score to the Swedish romantic period musical Swoon (Eld & Lagor) (digital version available through MovieScore Media).

Directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein, the story is a new reimagination of the Romeo and Juliet story with John (Albin Grenholm) and Ninni (Frida Gustavsson) growing up in resentment of each other due to their families’ competing amusement parks. When they meet again as adults in 1940, their attraction is undeniable, but soon enough they must face much harsher enemies than their past…

Following their success on Midnight Sun, French composer Nathaniel Mechaly (of Taken fame) returns for another collaboration with Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein. On the one hand, the music underscores the classic Romeo and Juliet idea with an unabashedly romantic theme, but there are several carnivalesque sections that pay homage to the period and the setting of the story. The album also includes the new song from Lily Oakes entitled “The Keep”.

French composer Nathaniel Mechaly studied music at the Conservatoire National de Region de Musique de Marseille. He started his film music career as an assistant to Oscar-winning composer Gabriel Yared. He is best-known as the composer for the Taken trilogy, starring Liam Neeson. Mechaly, with Japanese composer Shigeru Umebayashi, won Best Original Film Score at the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards and Best Composer at the 8th Asian Film Awards for The Grandmaster.

The 8-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai, discussing the film and the score, based on an original interview with the composer.

Track List

1. Swoon (3:11)
2. Welcome to Grona Lund (1:31)
3. John and Ninni’s Waltz (1:07)
4. A Spy at Gustaf’s Office (2:22)
5. Ninni’s Roller Coaster (2:01)
6. At the Rooftop (1:25)
7. Awareness of Love (1:20)
8. The Dream (2:09)
9. In Love (1:15)
10. Gustaf’s Story and Ghost Kiss (2:45)
11. Speaking the Same Language (0:59)
12. The Flower Bouquet (1:25)
13. John Can’t Wait to See Her (0:56)
14. Sad Love (3:44)
15. Saving Them (2:00)
16. Lennart (4:14)
17. Ninni Leaves (3:55)
18. Don’t Go (2:49)
19. Love Kiss (1:29)
20. Grand Finale (2:31)
21. The Keep (4:24) performed by Lily Oakes