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CD No: MBR-144
Release Date: 2018/10/18
Format: 1CD

A compilation of film and TV music composed by Jean Musy.
Remastered edition including 20 previously unreleased tracks.
12-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Nicolas Magenham.

Music Box Records is pleased to present, for the first time on CD, a retrospective dedicated to French composer Jean Musy and his best works composed for the screen (Cinema and television) spanning three decades.

Jean Musy started working in the 1960s and is known primarily as arranger and accompanist for many famous French singers (Joe Dassin, Barbara, Nicole Croisille, Yves Duteil, Francoise Hardy, Mireille Mathieu, Charles Aznavour, to name a few). He is also credited on over a thousand 45 rpm records and two hundred albums. Most notable is his involvement with French composer Francis Lai, for whom he arranged numerous soundtracks in the late 1970's (Bilitis, International Velvet, Passion Flower Hotel).

This retrospective brings to light less well-considered or well-known films. This present album also highlights his close collaboration with some French directors (one-time collaboration such as Clair de femme, directed by Costa-Gavras and long-time collaborator director Jean-Claude Brisseau such as L'Ange noir) and some very popular films (the cult film Papy fait de la resistance aka Gramps Is in the Resistance) and TV series (Pause-cafe). Jean Musy undoubtedly knows how to adapt to very different artistic universes while still retaining his own unique touch.

The CD comes with a 12-page booklet with
liner notes by Nicolas Magenham, based on a new interview with Jean Musy.
Limited Edition of 500 units- from the label.

Release Date: 2018/10/18

Track List

1. La Boule noire - Ge?ne?rique de?but (1:50)
2. Les Innocents - Theme principal (2:27)
3. Nuit du 17 Octobre 2017 - Theme 7 (2:37)
4. Nuit du 17 Octobre 2017 - Theme 8 (3:50)
5. Jusqu'a? l'enfer - Generique fin (1:06)
6. Mon fre?re bien-aime? - Ge?ne?rique fin (1:37)
7. L'Ange noir - De feu et de sang (inedit) (2:35)
8. L'Ange noir - Il Cuore Addolorato (7:56) performed by Claire d'Asta
9. Le Temps du silence - Theme 22 (1:43)
10. Le Temps du silence - Theme 36 (1:19)
11. Chanel solitaire - L’Adieu au Pe?re (2:59)
12. Chanel solitaire - Finale (3:57)
13. Le Voleur d'arc-en-ciel - La valse arc-en-ciel (3:33)
14. Les Anges exterminateurs - Femmes simples (3:44)
15. L'escalier de fer - Generique (1:31)
16. Malgre?-elles - Generique debut (2:30)
17. Malgre?-elles - Miserere (2:01)
18. Malgre?-elles - Generique fin (2:00)
19. Clair de femme - Theme principal (3:09)
20. Pause-cafe - On entre dans la vie (Generique debut) (3:00) performed by Veronique Jannot
21. Pause-cafe - Pause-cafe (M605) (3:02)
22. Pause-cafe - Tous les enfants ont besoin de rever (2:52) performed by Veronique Jannot
23. La Mort d'Auguste - Ge?ne?rique de?but (1:05)
24. La Mort d'Auguste - Ge?ne?rique fin (1:44)
25. Noce blanche - Generique (3:59)
26. Noce blanche - The?me de Mathilde (3:02)
27. Papy fait de la resistance - Generique debut (2:05)
28. Papy fait de la resistance - Libertas (Generique fin) (4:32)

Total Time: 78:55