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CD No: MBR-076
Release Date: 2015/10/02
Format: 1CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. Music Box Records presents the World Premiere CD release of Try This One for Size (also known as Sauf votre respect), French-American co-production directed by Guy Hamilton in 1989. The film was the first in a series of four thriller comedies based on the works of James Hadley Chase and produced by Sergio Gobbi. Starring Michael Brandon as insurance investigator Tom Lepski, the series was a light-hearted attempt at producing James Bond-type adventures based on a literary property that was as, if not more popular in France than Fleming's novels. The first film in the series finds Tom Lepski tracking down a valuable statue stolen by brilliant criminal / master of disguise Bradley (played by David Carradine). Director Guy Hamilton offers stylish nods to his most famous film, Goldfinger.
The score was provided by French composer Claude Bolling. Following up with the Bond parallels, the movie opens with the bombastic theme song ''The Key'' with Dee Dee Bridgewater assuming the Shirley Bassey role for the franchise (she went on to perform other songs for the franchise as well). Several cues are based around this song, but other memorable moments include the brilliant Russian-sounding cues for the central McGuffin, a steamy erotic theme for the relationship of Bradley and his henchwoman, plus a lovable chase theme for Lepski's chase sequences featuring his trademark red Peugeot. On the whole, Bolling's music is a fun, retro-flavored throwback to the classic '60s sounds of the James Bond films with an '80s twist added as flavoring.
The CD comes with an 8-page booklet featuring liner notes by Gergely Hubai who discusses the series, the film and the score. The edition is limited to 350 copies. - from the label.

Track List

1. The Key (02:17)
performed by Dee Dee Bridgewater
2. Red Car (01:02)
3. Bradley's Call (02:04)
4. Hotel Majestic Source 1 (03:09)
5. Russian Exhibition (Part 1) (02:38)
6. Bradley's Disguise (01:51)
7. Theft and Panic (02:55)
8. Cafe Carol (00:41)
9. Musette Source (01:53)
10. Bradley's Business (01:27)
11. Lepski's Theme (Piano Source) (04:02)
Piano solo: Claude Bolling
12. Maggie's Seduction (00:43)
13. More Panic (02:04)
14. Run from Carol (02:32)
15. Into Switzerland (02:27)
16. Drive in the Alps (01:47)
17. Funky Source (02:26)
18. Fight with Bradley (02:15)
19. The Madonna Returns (02:21)
20. Russian Exhibition (Part 2) (02:41)
21. Bus Confrontation (02:46)
22. Hotel Majestic Source 2 (02:51)
23. Headless Madonna (01:27)
24. Red Car (Long Version) (02:19)