2. DARK: CYCLE 3 (Original Music from the Netflix Series)

DARK: CYCLE 3 (Original Music from the Netflix Series)

Price(USD): $22.30

Label: Invada(JPN)
Release Date: 2020/12/09
Format: 1CD

Dark: Cycle 3 (Original Music from the Netflix Series) by Australian composer Ben Frost on CD. Frost's strikingly menacing soundscapes have provided a foreboding backdrop to the surreal German thriller for three seasons. In this third and final cycle, Frost's score evolves beyond the sharp string orchestrations of the first cycle and the percussive distortion of the second, towards a sea of disintegrated brass and woodwind arrangements and Eno-inspired ambience. The CD is presented as a digipack.
Release Date: 2020.12.9

Track List

1. Origin
2. Bevor Alles Wieder Passiert
3. Ein Tropfen/Ein Ozean
4. Die Welt Geht Heute Unter
5. Nicht Deine Martha
6. Du Lebst
7. Anderer Mensch/Anderer Schmetterling
8. Wenn Alles Gelingt, Wird Sie Leben
9. Eva
10. Franziska & Magnus
11. Anderes Winden 2052
12. Leben und Tod
13. Higgs Field
14. Ob Irgendwas Von uns Bleibt
15. Der Letzte Zyklus