2. L PRIGIONIERO (Vinyl)


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CD No: LPDM036
Release Date: 2021/09/24
Format: 1LP

Digitmovies proudly presents on LP another musical jewel by Ennio Morricone from the TV movie broadcasted by Italian Rai Television in 1978 "Il prigioniero" (aka "The Prisoner”). Ennio Morricone has composed an extremely serious score which reflects the whole sentimental and dramatic side of the historic atmosphere, in which the protagonist is immersed. The author varies the main theme with different orchestrations: the romantic, but nostalgic "L'estate e finita" for flute, harpsichord and orchestra, reprised with harpsichord chromatism and with harpsichord and orchestra. The second motif "I due prigionieri" is introduced by the solo flutes in an almost experimental context, later accompanied by cellos and basses and then reprised as a background to psychological suspense with brass, piano and vibes and with fascinating variations. This painful atmosphere is broken up by "source music" which re-creates the sound of that era, like the Sicilian folk song for voice and guitar "Si l'ammuri" and the romantic old-fashioned romantic tune for male voice, piano and guitar "Dove sei amore". -- from the label.
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Track List

Side A1.
1. L'Estate E Finita [versione Singolo Lato A]
2. I Due Prigionieri [versione Singolo Lato B]
3. Si L'Ammuri
4. I Due Prigionieri [versione 2]
5. L'Estate E Finita [versione 2]
60 Dove Sei Amore

Side B1.
1. L'Estate E Finita [versione 3]
2. I Due Prigionieri [versione 3]
3. Dove Sei Amore [versione Vocal]
4. I Due Prigionieri [versione 5]
5. L'Estate E Finita [versione 5]