2. LE DOLCI SIGNORE (180g Vinyl)


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CD No: LPDM024
Release Date: 2020/02/28
Format: 1LP

Digitmovies is pleased to announce the release of the OST by Armando Trovajoli for the comedy “Anyone Can Play” (original title “Le Dolci Signore”), for the absolute first time on LP.


Armando Trovajoli composed and directed a brilliant lounge-style soundtrack based on the main theme. It is introduced in the opening credits and sung by Mal dei Primivites on track1, and is then reprised with captivating instrumental arrangements. For the four protagonists, Maestro Trovajoli composed a jazz motif with a spylike atmosphere. Armando Trovajoli performs the scat singing with an airy piece using organ and tempo and performs the main theme on the piano. For this LP we were able to use the mono tapes from the recording session.


Directed in 1967 by Luigi Zampa. Starring Ursula Andress, Claudine Auger, Virna Lisi, Marisa Mell, Mario Adorf, Franco Fabrizi, Margherita Guzzinati, Brett Halsey, Marco Guglielmi, Nello Pazzafini, Luciano Salce, Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia, Lando Buzzanca, Vittorio Caprioli, Fred Williams, Frank Wolff, Lia Zoppelli, Jean-Pierre Cassel.


Esmeralda decides to go to Rome to meet with her old friends Luisa, Paola and Anna rather than stay alone in her country villa with an attractive employee who works for her husband. Upon returning home however, her husband informs her that he will have to leave again and that his employee can keep her company in his place…. Meanwhile, her friend Luisa is blackmailed by a gang of thugs who ask her for money to keep quiet about her extra-marital affair. But she doesn’t have the money and fearfully waits for them to tell her husband. When the dreaded moment arrives, she discovers she won’t suffer any harm since her husband also has something to hide. Therefore her husband will misunderstand the content of this revelation, believing that it refers to himself. Paola also does something scandalous when she performs a striptease during a charity party. At first her husband becomes angry about it, but then he supports her when he realizes it leads to considerable earnings. And finally there is Anna, who suffers from nightmares. As soon as she falls asleep, she sees a man who wants to rape her. In order to stop the nightmares, her neurologist suggests that she have an intimate encounter with the man who caused her anxiety. The "therapy" produces its desired effect and Paola is able sleep peacefully.
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Release Date: 2020/2/28

Track List

Side A
1. ANYONE CAN PLAY (M 1 Titoli) 3:08
2. LE DOLCI SIGNORE (M 16 + M 18) 4:50
3. LE DOLCI SIGNORE (M 13) 5:44
4. LE DOLCI SIGNORE (M 18 bis) 3:38
5. LE DOLCI SIGNORE (M 19) 2:10

Side B
1. LE DOLCI SIGNORE (M3 2a versione) 6:45
2. LE DOLCI SIGNORE (M 13 SP coro) 5:49
3. LE DOLCI SIGNORE (M 27 SP)? 1:35
5. ANYONE CAN PLAY (M 24? Finale) 1:49