2. ORZOWEI IL FIGLIO DELLA SAVANA (180g Transparent Red Vinyl)

ORZOWEI IL FIGLIO DELLA SAVANA (180g Transparent Red Vinyl)

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Release Date: 2018/07/10
Format: 1LP


Based on Alberto Manzi’s 1955 novel by the same name, the story was adapted into an internationally successful television series.

The 13 episodes were produced in 1976 by Italians and Germans, and directed by the French Yves Allegret. Starring Peter Marshall as Isa / Orzowei and English star Stanley Baker, with co-stars Doris Kunstmann, Vincenzo Crocitti, and Bonne Lubega. The TV series was broadcast in Italy at the beginning of 1977 and then brought back again in a film version entitled “Orzowei - Son of the Savannah”.

SOUNDTRACK: Originally only an EP single from this OST was released: ORZOWEI (RCA BB 6054), which was an international success. This LP was made possible thanks to the well-preserved stereo master in the RCA archives. In addition to the EP ORZOWEI and “Le notti di Orzowei” (Orzowei nights), we have also added alternative takes of the famous theme song: the instrumental version, an evocative take for flute with only an echo; the beautiful Karaoke version; and an alternative take of “Le notti di Orzowei” without flute (all original material found on the master, since the TV series probably used repertoire material). This OST of Italian cult TV from the 1970s is something that we absolutely wanted to recover and preserve in order to honor the musical art of Guido & Maurizio De Angelis.

PLOT: Isa, a white baby abandoned in a South African forest, is found and raised by an old warrior and a nurse, both of whom belong to a Bantu tribe of Swazi ethnicity. Because of his white skin he is nicknamed “Orzowei” (the ''foundling''), but he is not accepted in the warrior society and eventually decides to leave the Swazi village. He runs away to the forest where he is adopted by Pao, a wise man from the Bushman tribe. In the end, Orzowei finds he must fight against the Swazi, the people who raised him as a kid, and defeat Mesei, his enemy and the Swazi chief’s son. Limited 100 copies. -- from the label.
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Release Date: 2018/7/10

Track List

Side A
01. ORZOWEI 3:42
02. ORZOWEI (strings only) 2:08
04. ORZOWEI (strum.) 3:36
05. NOTTE DI ORZOWEI (rhythmic only) 3:07
06. ORZOWEI (delirio) 3:14

Side B
01. ORZOWEI (mix 2) 3:34
02. ORZOWEI (Flauto solo) 2:41
03. NOTTE DI ORZOWEI (versione 2) 3:07
04. ORZOWEI (strings and rhythmic) 3:32
05. ORZOWEI (karaoke) 4:13