2. VOLUBILE (180gr. Vinyl, Remastered)

VOLUBILE (180gr. Vinyl, Remastered)

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Label: CAMILLE 3000(IT)
Release Date: 2021/02/15
Format: 1LP

“Volubile” was a musical TV show aired on the Italian national public broadcasting network RAI in 1961.
The music for the show was entirely written by Piero Piccioni, who also directed a great rhythm-symphonic orchestra made by 60 elements.
The original tapes of “Volubile” music have been jealously guarded by Piero Piccioni himself, and are nowadays the only show material that survived. In fact, nothing else remains of it, as celluloid films were all destroyed in the 1960s.
“ Piero Piccioni composed, arranged and conducted very refined jazz themes for the occasion, with a prevailing romantic aesthetic, interpreting the most relevant musical trends of the time through his recognisable harmonic and melodic codes. From the exotic vein to the intimate torch song, passing through all-new American orchestral experiences.” says Gloria Paul, “Volubile” lead dancer and Piero Piccioni ’s wife.
“Volubile” was an experimental and ground-breaking show for that time, different from the most popular musical comedy, and it was a depiction of the naive and quirky dreams of a 20 years old girl. It aired in 6 episodes, and “ journalists, advocates of popular culture, considered the show perhaps too sophisticated for the time, probably assuming that the public preferred simpler and more popular cabaret-type spectacles.” --- from Label
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Track List

2’29’’ DOLCE MELODIA ft. Bruno Martino
2’43’’ TU NON PENSI CHE ALL'AMORE ft. Bruno Martino
1’48’’ TIC ft. Jimmy Fontana
3’15’’ DO YOU CHA CHA CHA ft. Gloria Paul
2’05’’ SAMBA DO BRASIL ft. Lydia MacDonald
2’53’’ A PARIGI ft. Jimmy Fontana e Alida Chelli
3’14’’ FUMETTI ft. Bruno Martino
1’47’’ LA NOIA ft. Alida Chelli
2’39’’ GIOVANOTTO ft. Alida Chelli
4’10’’ TU UN RIFLESSO NELLA SERA ft.Bruno Martino
3’10’’ NIENTE DI NIENTE ft. Bruno Martino
2’43’’ NEW NINNA ft. Bruno Martino
3’39’’ DOLCE MELODIA ft. Lydia MacDonald
3’30’’ STRISCIOLINE ft. Little Tony