2. SCARFACE - 40th Anniversary Original Score ("Chainsaw" Red Splatter Variant, 180 Gram Vinyl, 2LP)

SCARFACE - 40th Anniversary Original Score ("Chainsaw" Red Splatter Variant, 180 Gram Vinyl, 2LP)

Price(USD): $49.80

CD No: LLLLP-2008R
Release Date: 2024/01/19
Format: 2LP

La-La Land Records and Universal Pictures proudly mark the 40th Anniversary of the

legendary 1983 big-screen gangster drama SCARFACE, starring Al Pacino and directed by Brian De Palma, with a world premiere vinyl LP release of Academy Award-Winning composer Giorgio Moroder’s (MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, AMERICAN GIGOLO, CAT PEOPLE, FLASHDANCE) original motion picture score.

SCARFACE - 40th ANNIVERSARY ORIGINAL SCORE is a limited edition 2XLP 33 rpm pressing on 180 gram colored vinyl that will be available in two exciting variants - “Chainsaw” Red Splatter and “Yeyo” Pure White! This deluxe release is the first time Maestro Moroder’s expanded film score is available on LP - a pitch perfect way to commemorate four decades of this landmark film.

When legendary director Brian De Palma needed the perfect musicscape for his game-changing gangster opus, he called upon renowned composer and electronic and pop music pioneer Giorgio Moroder to deliver - and did Moroder ever deliver… with a groundbreaking and absolutely iconic and influential synth film score.

Produced by Neil S. Bulk and Dan Goldwasser, and mastered in high-resolution by Chris Malone, this expanded LP unleashes Moroder’s classic film score across two records. Each vinyl color variant is limited to 750 units, and the gatefold jacket also houses an eight page insert with liner notes by writer Tim Greiving. The sharp art direction is by Dan Goldwasser. Finally… the world - and Moroder’s music of SCARFACE - is yours!!!
Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 7 discs

Track List

SIDE A 20:06
1. Main Title - Scarface 3:42
2. Rebenga 2:10
3. Chainsaw / Tony Rescued 3:54
4. I Got The Yeyo 0:45
5. Elvira 4:01
6. Night Drive 0:30
7. Gina 2:55
8. She’s Not For You 2:09

SIDE B 17:54
1. Bolivia 1:09
2. Sosa / Talk To Frank 2:33
3. Omar Out / Don’t Fuck Me 1:07
4. Proposal 2:45
5. Tony Spots Gina / Tony Slaps Gina / Tony Guilty / Shooters 2:48
6. What About You? / Open Fire / Tony Escapes 2:48
7. Just Paranoid 4:44

SIDE C 18:34
1. Lopez Begs 1:35
2. Bye Bernstein 1:56
3. The World Is Yours 2:06
4. Plant The Plastic 1:30
5. The Chase 4:05
6. 409 Citrus Drive 4:52
7. Paranoid Tony / Gina’s Grief 2:30

SIDE D 17:55
1. Back To The House 1:47
2. Tony’s Grief / Attack Begins / Crazy Gina / Attack Continues 4:09
3. Gina Dead / Chi-Chi Wasted 1:15
4. Finale (From The Motion Picture “Scarface”) 3:28
5. End Title - Scarface 6:36