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CD No: LLLCD-1589
Release Date: 2022/04/04
Format: 1CD

La-La Land Records, Paramount Music and Paramount Pictures proudly present acclaimed composer Pinar Toprak’s (CAPTAIN MARVEL, STARGIRL) original motion picture score to the Paramount Pictures action adventure comedy THE LOST CITY, starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, and Brad Pitt, and directed by Adam Nee and Aaron Nee.

Also featured on the soundtrack are “Danza De Dos,” “Bolerito De La Isla,” and “Lagrimas Sin Fin (featuring lyrics by David Aguilar),” three new tracks written for the film by Grammy and Latin Grammy winning composer, arranger, producer and performer, Cheche Alara.

In THE LOST CITY, brilliant, but reclusive author Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) has spent her career writing about exotic places in her popular romance-adventure novels featuring handsome cover model Alan (Channing Tatum), who has dedicated his life to embodying the hero character, “Dash.” While on tour promoting her new book with Alan, Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire and Alan sets off to rescue her. Now, the unlikely pair will need to work together to survive the elements and find the ancient treasure before it’s lost forever.

The film’s exhilarating original score bursts with full-throttle adventurous fun, action and romance. "Writing this score brought me back to why I fell in love with film scores in the first place,” says renowned composer Pinar Toprak, “The adventure, the romance, and most importantly the FUN. It’s been a pure joy paying homage to those classic adventure films I loved growing up while giving it my own contemporary signature. It’s my sincerest hope that this score, like the ones that inspired me as a child, will withstand the test of time as well.”

Produced by Pinar Toprak and Shie Rozow and mastered by Gavin Lurseen at Lurrsen Mastering, this limited edition CD release of 2000 units features art design by Dan Goldwasser.

Track List

1. The Lost City of D 2:32
2. Pinot Grigio on Ice 1:40
3. Book Tour 1:35
4. The Only Clue 2:07
5. You’re Safe Now 1:56
6. The Island 1:02
7. Ruins Revealed 1:21
8. People Eat Cake 1:47
9. Gotta Go Up 2:25
10. Highly Trained & Very Dangerous 1:47
11. Contoured Scenery 2:25
12. Hands Out, Butt to Butt 1:17
13. Alan Gets a Moped 1:45
14. Hammock Extraction 1:17
15. Set Your World on Fire 2:49
16. It’s Not a Metaphor 1:26
17. Watch Your Step 4:02
18. The Tomb 3:36
19. Fairfax Escapes 2:00
20. Dulcius Ex Asperis 2:16
21. Got Your Back 2:53
22. A New Adventure Beginning 3:22
23. The Final Countdown 1:13
24. Danza de Dos 2:29
25. Bolerito de la Isla 1:33
26. Lagrimas Sin Fin 2:24
27. Stage Mishap (Bonus Track) 0:45
28. Book Trailer (Bonus Track) 1:42

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