2. THE KARATE KID - 35th Anniversary

THE KARATE KID - 35th Anniversary

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CD No: LLLCD-1520
Release Date: 2019/12/16
Format: 1CD

La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures proudly present NEVADA SMITH: THE PARAMOUNT WESTERNS COLLECTION, a deluxe 4-CD soundtrack collection of original film score recordings from Paramount Pictures’ big-screen westerns NEVADA SMITH (1966), EL DORADO (1967), THREE VIOLENT PEOPLE (1957), KID RODELO (1966), WALK LIKE A DRAGON (1960), WILL PENNY (1968), THE HANGMAN (1959), BRANDED (1950), THE FURIES (1950), COPPER CANYON (1950), and STREETS OF LAREDO (1949).

Meticulously restored from Paramount Pictures’ vault elements, this exciting compilation features original score recordings from eleven of the studio’s western features spanning the course of two decades. Most of these recordings are making their world premiere here, and many contain material not heard in their respective films. It’s a sonic treasure chest, showcasing Hollywood’s top Golden Age maestros at the apex of their craft, working in a legendary genre. Composers Alfred Newman, Nelson Riddle, Walter Scharf, Johnny Douglas, Paul Dunlap, David Raskin, Harry Sukman, Roy Webb, Franz Waxman, Daniele Amfitheatrof and Victor Young are represented here, their music encompassing a breathtaking variety, from grand orchestral sweep to spare and intimate moments - and everything in-between.

Produced by John Takis and Frank K. DeWald, with audio restoration by Chris Malone, this special 4 disc collection is limited to 1000 units, and features a 36 page booklet with exclusive, in-depth liner notes written by the producers. Dan Goldwasser’s art design corals the packaging together in classic fashion. --- from label

Release Date: 2019/12/16

Track List

The Film Score
1. Main Title 3:36
2. Fite Nite 2:01
3. Bumpy Ride 2:12
4. Dan Ducks Out 1:00
5. Bonsai Tree 0:45
6. Decorate The Gym 0:38
7. Miyagi Rattles Bones 2:42
8. Miyagi Intercedes 1:31
9. On To Miyagi’s 1:36
10. The Pact 2:13
11. Troubled Lovers 0:34
12. Japanese Sander 1:25
13. Paint The Fence 3:14
14. Daniel Sees The Bird 2:38
15. Fish And Train 2:28
16. Training Hard 2:30
17. The Kiss 1:04
18. Japanese Hand Clap 2:22
19. No Mercy 1:44
20. Daniel’s Moment Of Truth 1:54

Additional Music
21. Fish And Train (Alternate Ending) 2:28
22. Miyagi Rattles Bones (Alternate Ending) 2:23
23. Fascination 2:14
24. Japanese Hand Clap (Opening With Overlay) 0:42
25. Japanese Hand Clap (Alternate Opening) 2:22
26. No Mercy (Opening With Overlay) 0:27
27. Daniel’s Moment Of Truth (Alternate Take) 1:17