2. PROJECT X (Expanded)

PROJECT X (Expanded)

Price(USD): $22.80

CD No: LLLCD-1495
Release Date: 2019/03/22
Format: 1CD

La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox and Fox Music present a remastered reissue of renowned composer James Horner’s (GLORY, BRAVEHEART, TITANIC) original score from the 1987 feature film PROJECT X, starring Matthew Broderick and directed by Jonathan Kaplan. Mr. Horner crafts another beautiful work, expertly weaving heartwarming drama, sinister mystery and love to support this thoughtful and dramatic tale of a flight training program for primates that is revealed to have a darker purpose. Produced for Fox by Nick Redman, produced by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, and mastered by Matessino, sourced from the original analog 3-track stereo masters, this special limited edition CD reissue presentation features a never-before-released track. The exclusive, in-depth liner notes are by writer Jeff Bond and the sharp art design is by Dan Goldwasser. This is a special limited edition CD release of 1500 units.

Release Date: 2019/3/22.

Track List

1. Main Title 4:59
2. First Lesson 3:21
3. Losing Virgil 2:26
4. Lockridge And Simulator Room** 2:17
5. Learning To Fly 3:04
6. The Plea 1:06
7. New Friends 5:52
8. Student Pilots 5:03
9. Bluebeard’s Flight 6:18
10. Ghost Call 4:12
11. The Phone Call And Top Brass* 3:05
12. The Rescue 6:01
13. The Tower 6:08
14. Chimp Rumble 6:01
15. Chain Reaction 4:39
16. The Escape 4:14
17. Flying 4:29
18. End Credits 6:22
*previously unreleased
** contains previously unreleased music