2. KRULL (2CD)


Price(USD): $26.80

CD No: LLLCD-1360
Release Date: 2015/07/15
Format: 2CD

La-La Land Records and Sony Entertainment present renowned composer James Horner’s (STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KAHN, ALIENS, GLORY, TITANIC) remastered motion picture score to the 1983 Columbia Pictures sci-fi/adventure/fantasy krullredux, starring Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony and Liam Neeson and directed by Peter Yates. Previously out of print, this 2-Disc re-issue of one of Mr. Horner’s most striking film scores is produced by Ford A. Thaxton and remastered by James Nelson, and features bonus tracks. 16 Page CD Booklet features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by Jeff Bond and art design by Mark Banning. Limited Edition Re-issue of 2000 Units.
(NOTE: This re-issue presents the same content and packaging as our initial release. The back tray art has been revised slightly to reflect a limited edition of 2000 units)

Track List


1. Main Title And Colwyn’s Arrival (7:34)
2. The Slayers Attack (9:18)
3. Quest For The Glaive (7:23)
4. Ride To The Waterfall (0:53)
5. Lyssa In The Fortress (1:28)
6. The Walk To The Seer’s Cave (4:10)
7. The Seer’s Vision (2:18)
8. The Battle In The Swamp (2:39)
9. Quicksand (3:38)
10. The Changeling (4:04)
11. Leaving The Swamp (1:58)
Total Time - Disc One: 45:23


1. Vella (3:46)
2. The Widow’s Web (6:18)
3. The Widow’s Lullaby (5:01)
4. Ynyr’s Death (1:41)
5. Ride Of The Firemares (5:22)
6. Battle On The Parapets (2:53)
7. Inside The Black Fortress (6:13)
8. The Death Of The Beast And The
Destruction Of The Black Fortress (8:31)
9. Epilogue And End Title (4:52)


10. Colwyn And Lyssa Love Theme (2:35)
11. The Walk To The Seer’s Cave (Album Edit) (2:16)
12. Theme From Krull (4:48)

Total Time - Disc Two: 54:16
Total Running Time: 99:39