2. LEGION: Season 2

LEGION: Season 2

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CD No: LKSO352262
Release Date: 2018/08/24
Format: 1CD

Jeff Russo picks up where he left off with season one. The composer of Fargo, Star Trek Discovery, Altered Carbon etc. Delivers yet another electronic prog masterpiece. The show stars Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, Jermaine Clement. ''Legion is the most mind blowing show on TV right now'' - Rolling Stone Magazine.

Release Date: 2018/8/24

Track List

1. Dance Battle
2. Farouk / The Shadow King
3. Future Syd
4. Many Days (Synth)
5. Where Is David?
6. Lenny and Oliver (Farouk)
7. Division
8. Orange Bridge
9. Sliding Door David
10. End of Life
11. Lost in the Desert
12. 208 Main on Ends
13. Laboratory
14. 89 Days
15. The Magic Man
16. Carousel
17. 202 Main on Ends (Full Version)