2. BLUE LOCK Character Song Single CD Vol.1

BLUE LOCK Character Song Single CD Vol.1

Price(USD): $12.50

CD No: LACM-24601
Release Date: 2024/05/15
Format: 1CD

Includes a new song, a common song for the character song single series, and karaoke tracks for included songs. Newly-illustrated cover artwork. [Special Bonus Offer] You can get a mini-stand panel with a purchase of all six volumes of ""Blue Lock (TV Anime)" Character Song Single CD" (LACM-24601 to LACM-24606). *The bonus offer runs on a first-come-first-served basis and ends on September 29, 2024 (Japan Time). *Even if you order each product separately, you will be eligible for this bonus item at the time of purchase of all six titles.
Release Date: 2024.5.15