2. OVERTAKE! Ending Theme: Good Luck [Regular Edition]

OVERTAKE! Ending Theme: Good Luck [Regular Edition]

Price(USD): $9.30

CD No: LACM-24464
Release Date: 2023/11/29
Format: 1CD

Tasuku Hatanaka brinhs the eighth single. Contains six tracks in total, including three songs and instrumentals of each song. The title track "Good Luck" is the outro theme song of the TV anime "Overtake!" In addition, it includes "Psycho," the theme song for the film "Kazoku to toku wa shisu," and "Endless Love," a tie-up song for the game "Ikemen Vampire Ijin Tachi to Koi no Yuwaki." The regular edition comes with an obi, featuring a newly drawn illustration of the TV anime "Overtake!"
Release Date: 2023.11.29