2. IDOLiSH7 2nd Live "Reunion" Blu-ray BOX -Limited Edition- (3Blu-ray)

IDOLiSH7 2nd Live "Reunion" Blu-ray BOX -Limited Edition- (3Blu-ray)

Price(USD): $175.90

CD No: LABX-38427
Release Date: 2020/02/05
Format: 3BD

Blu-ray Box release of the "IDOLiSH7 2nd Live "Reunion" held at the Met Life Dome on July 6-7, 2019. Live tickets sold out in a flash for both days turning the tickets into a premium ticket. This live introduced live viewing from overseas which drew 160,000 audiences for the two day event including live viewers. Limited Blu-ray Box features both lives from Day 1 and Day 2 plus a documentary of "REUNION" on Disc 3. Includes a live photo book. Comes in a storage box with new artwork.
Release Date: 2020.2.5(Limited)