Price(USD): $129.80

CD No: KWBA-2836
Release Date: 2023/03/31
Format: 2DVD+CD

The coming-of-age story of an old man's idol group begins. Six middle-aged men with some reasons struggle for success as an idol group "Eien Shonen" in this coming-of-age story. Popular illustrator ma2 will participate as a character designer! The main characters are played by popular voice actors that everyone has heard at least once! -- The company he worked for for many years goes bankrupt, his new job doesn't go well, and when his unemployment insurance runs out, it's all over...! Kentaro Sanada, an old man on the edge of his life, was standing on stage at the press conference for "Eien Shonen," an "old man idol project" launched by Manpuku Entertainment Productions to revive his life. Ishida, a former junior high school teacher, Asai, a former soccer player, Imagawa, a former popular child actor, Yamanaka, the manager of Manpuku Productions, and Kakizaki, a former No. 1 host. The camp life of these old men with a reason for being there is full of troubles. Even so, the six of them struggle to achieve success as "perpetual boys" and gradually win the hearts of the people...? Will the day come when the old men's idol dreams come true? A special booklet (with rough illustrations by ma2, the original character design) will be enclosed. The case will be made of newly-drawn illustrations.
Release Date: 2023.3.31