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CD No: KRCD-01
Release Date: 2022/10/07
Format: 1CD

Bubba didn’t do it!

Klaatu Records proudly presents the score for the cult-classic horror film, DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW by composer Glenn Paxton (Amazing Stories, When Legends Die, ABC’s After School Specials). The heart of the score consists of 4 keyboards: 3 synthesizer players, one piano. The rest of the orchestra - brass, percussion, and strings - reinforce, enlarge, and embroider on what the synthesizers and piano are doing or have done.

DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW is a 1981 made-for-television horror film directed by veteran novelist Frank De Felitta from a script by J.D. Feigelson. When a mentally challenged man (Larry Drake) is brutally murdered by a posse of locals (Charles Durning, Lane Smith) who wrongly accuse him of harming a young girl (Tonya Crowe), a terrifying scarecrow appears and exacts violent revenge on the killers.

For this release the original elements, unfortunately, could not be located after months of searching. Working with Post Haste sound, we were able to acquire the 48Hz/16Bit audio from the Pro Tools 2.0 film mix session used for the DVD/Blu-ray release. The packaging consists of a 4 page booklet featuring notes from composer Glenn Paxton and Writer/Producer J.D. Feigelson with artwork layout designed by Luis Miguel Rojas.

Limited Edition release of 300 units.

Track List

1. Main Titles (2:04)
2. Otis (1:00)
3. Marylee Attacked (0:45)
4. Vigilantes (3:29)
5. Chasing Bubba (2:08)
6. Innocence Lost (1:46)
7. Town at Night (1:15)
8. Marylee Wanders (3:21)
9. The Scarecrow (1:40)
10. Hocker’s Death (3:22)
11. Otis Investigates (1:58)
12. Philby Sees the Scarecrow (1:07)
13. The Death of Mrs. Ritter (1:52)
14. Town at Sundown (1:09)
15. Philby’s Death (4:18)
16. The Cemetery (2:06)
17. Otis Follows Marylee (0:37)
18. Bubba’s Revenge (3:22)
19. End Credits (1:40)
20. Juke Box (1:33) Bonus
21. Rec Hall (2:02) Bonus
22. Main Titles with Nursery Rhyme (1:57) Bonus
Album Running Time: 44:39