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Format: 1CD

We’re pleased to present a deliriously wonderful double bill of Albert Glasser scores. Invasion USA was made in 1952, when the Commie scare was in full bloom, the film is a nightmare (literally) vision of WHAT COULD HAPPEN HERE. The film is indescribable in its weirdness and exists in a whole other movie universe. It is a completely unique and classic B-movie, featuring a great B-movie cast, including Gerald Mohr, Peggie Castle, and Dan O’Herlihy. The film also has the distinction of having both TV Lois Lanes in the same movie - Phyllis Coates and Noel Neill. Even William Schallert makes a brief, uncredited appearance.

Eight years later would come another wild, weird and wacky movie called Tormented, made by the wonderful Bert I. Gordon. It was a story of death and jazz and love and a nasty female ghost come back to haunt and torment. The cast included Richard Carlson, Juli Reding, Lugene Sanders, and the adorable Susan Gordon (Bert’s daughter). Also making an appearance is Joe Turkel, who did several films for Gordon and who would ultimately give his most memorable performance as bartender Lloyd in the Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining.

Naturally, the perfect person to score these films was Albert Glasser, and he delivered exactly what was expected of him and which no other composer could have delivered in quite the same way. For Invasion USA he created a blaring, driving, crazy-quilt of a score, with screaming, dissonant brass. One simply cannot imagine a more perfect score for the movie. For Tormented, since the film’s leading man is a jazz pianist, Glasser naturally wrote a jazzy score - but this is not your normal jazz, this is TORMENTED jazz - jagged and crazy and somehow perfectly capturing the visuals of the film.

The two scores were mastered from Mr. Glasser’s personal tapes. While there are occasional sound issues, our wonderful mastering engineer, James Nelson, has done Herculean work to make both scores sound as good as they’re ever going to.

This release is limited to 1000 copies only.

Track List


1. Main Titles / Big City Bar
2. Vince Meets Carla
3. Mr. Ohman / Hypnotic Brandy / Bad News
4. The Enemy is Here!
5. Washington / On the Defense
6. The President Speaks
7. It Can’t Be Happening / Love and War
8. Vince Gives Blood
9. Dam Attack
10. Watery Death
11. I Want You / Red Alert
12. A-Bombs Over New York
13. Fighting Back
14. Carla and Vince Captured / You’re My Woman Now / Back to Reality
15. Be Prepared


16. Main Titles
17. Opening Narration / The End of Vi
18. The Lighthouse
19. Perfume by Arpege
20. Footsteps by Vi
21. Tormented by Vi
22. Nightmare
23. Vi’s Watch / Who’s in the Lighthouse?
24. Vi’s Hand
25. Mrs. Ellis Talks to the Dead
26. The Photo
27. Girl Talk
28. Vi’s Head
29. Sandy Sees Murder
30. Wedding Jitters
31. Vi at the Wedding
32. Sandy in Danger / Tom's End / End Titles