2. METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER Original Soundtrack (2CD)

METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER Original Soundtrack (2CD)

Price(USD): $36.30

CD No: KOLA-089
Release Date: 2004/12/15
Format: 2CD

The sound of the Jungle by Harry Gregson-Williams, same as MGS2! The first press limited edition contains a special cardboard slipcase and the skelton liner cards. (*The regular edition will ship when the first press limited edition is sold out.)
43 tracks including Polygon Demo cues, MGS3 Ending theme. Special Camouflage Key Disc

Track List

Disc 1
01.Snake Eater Cynthia Harrell
02.METAL GEAR SOLID Main Theme (METAL GEAR SOLID 3 Version) Harry Gregson-Williams
03.CQC Harry Gregson-Williams
04.Virtuous Mission Harry Gregson-Williams/Norihiko Hibino
05.On The Ground ~ Battle In The Jungle Norihiko Hibino
06.KGBVSGRU Harry Gregson-Williams
07.Shagohod Harry Gregson-Williams
08.Operation Snake Eater Norihiko Hibino
09.Mission Briefing Harry Gregson-Williams
10.Across The Border ~ Snake Meets The Boss Harry Gregson-Williams
11.Eva's Unveiling Nobuko Toda/Norihiko Hibino
12.Ocelot Youth ~ Confrontation Harry Gregson-Williams/Norihiko Hibino
13.The Cobras In The Jungle Harry Gregson-Williams
14.The Pain Norihiko Hibino
15.The Fear Norihiko Hibino
16.Fortress Sneaking Harry Gregson-Williams
17.Underground Tunnel Harry Gregson-Williams
18.The Fury Norihiko Hibino
Healing Tracks
19.Surfing Guitar 66 Boys
20.Sailor Starry.K
21.Salty Catfish 66 Boys
22.Old Metal Gear Starry.K

Disc 2:
01.Battle In The Base Norihiko Hibino
02.Volgin, The Torturer Harry Gregson-Williams/Norihiko Hibino
03.The Sorrow ~Everlasting Fight Harry Gregson-Williams/Shuichi Kobori
04.Clash With Evil Personified Norihiko Hibino
05.Sidecar - Escape From The Fortress - Harry Gregson-Williams
06.Sidecar - On The Rail Bridge - Harry Gregson-Williams
07.Takin' On The Shagohod Norihiko Hibino
08.Escape Through The Woods Norihiko Hibino
09.Troops In Gathering Harry Gregson-Williams
10.Life's End Harry Gregson-Williams
11.Last Showdown Norihiko Hibino
12.The Return Of The MiGs Norihiko Hibino
13.Don't Be Afraid Elisa Fiorillo
14.Eva's Reminiscence Norihiko Hibino
15.Debriefing Harry Gregson-Williams
16.Way To Fall
Healing Tracks
17.Rock Me Baby 66 Boys
18.Pillow Talk Starry.K
19.Jumpin' Johnny Chunk Raspberry
20.Sea Breeze Sergei Mantis
Extra Track
21.Snake vs Monkey kobo