Price(USD): $19.80

Label: KeepMoving(RU)
CD No: KMRCD-055
Release Date: 2021/11/10
Format: 1CD

KeepMoving Records announces the CD release of Yuri Poteyenko’s WWII drama score for The Last Frontier.

The Last Frontier tells the story of the Podolsk cadets who defended Moscow in October 1941 and were one of the first victims of the German attack. The suicide mission was expected to buy five to seven days for relocating the military reserves. Within a week, only about 1000 cadets were still alive, while some sources claim only a tenth of the regiment survived.

The score performs a careful balancing act between rousing action music (Jerry Goldsmith’s The Blue Max might come to mind) whereas it also has a handful of emotional highlights as it focuses on the story of the cadets and the girls they left behind. A soprano voice emerging from an all-male choir (the famous Alexandrov Ensemble of the Russian Army) highlights a spiritual connection between soldiers of past and present.

The limited-edition CD comes with liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film based on commentary by the composer himself. Limited 100 copies!

Track List

1. Artillerists (1:34)
2. Sniper Shot (0:41)
3. Commander’s Instruction (0:58)
4. Night Meeting (2:22)
5. The Road to Moscow (3:08)
6. Don’t Give Up! (1:21)
7. I Will Find You (2:30)
8. Departure (3:30)
9. On the Way / Starchak’s Squad (3:56)
10. The First Fight (3:09)
11. After the Bombing (3:30)
12. Saboteurs (2:04)
13. The First Line of Defense (1:29)
14. Smoke Attack (0:56)
15. Burial of the Fallen (1:24)
16. Blood and Fire (2:23)
17. The Mission of No Return (3:05)
18. I Need You Alive! (3:37)
19. Tanks Breakthrough (1:58)
20. Close Combat (1:51)
21. Do You Remember? (3:30)
22. Duel / Frozen Moments (3:08)
23. Honor (2:17)
24. Heroes (4:04)