2. SHAMAN KING Blu-ray BOX 4 [Limited Release] (2Blu-ray+3CD)

SHAMAN KING Blu-ray BOX 4 [Limited Release] (2Blu-ray+3CD)

Price(USD): $198.30

Label: KING
CD No: KIZX-90465
Release Date: 2022/05/25
Format: 2BD+3CD

The fourth Blu-ray box of the TV anime "SHAMAN KING". Contains the episodes 42-50 plus creditless outro (4). Special CD (Yuki Hayashi's "SHAMAN KING" original soundtrack collection (2)/character song collection / subject to change), framed character fine mats (using original illustrations) and booklet enclosed. Slip case box and Digi-pak case.
Release Date: 2022.5.25(Limited)