2. HOP STEP APPLE/ Yui Ogura (CD+Blu-ray)

HOP STEP APPLE/ Yui Ogura (CD+Blu-ray)

Price(USD): $35.80

Label: KING(JPN)
CD No: KIZC-504
Release Date: 2019/02/20
Format: CD+BD

Third album from Yui Ogura. Includes 13 tracks with 9 nine new titles. Features 'Shiroku Saku Hana'--8th single leading track , 'Eien Shonen'--intro theme to TV anime 'Ongaku Shojo', 'Love Me x Love Me'--coupling track to 8th single, and 'Brand-New-Road' (subject to change). DVD comes with music video and making-of leading track., and music videos of 'Shiroku Sakuhana', 'Eien Shonen', and 'Love Me x Love Me'(Dance ver.) .
Release Date: 2019.2.20