2. SENKI ZESSHO SYMPHOGEAR GX Blu-ray Box [Limited Release] (3Blu-ray+3CD)

SENKI ZESSHO SYMPHOGEAR GX Blu-ray Box [Limited Release] (3Blu-ray+3CD)

Price(USD): $225.30

Label: KING
CD No: KIXA-90909
Release Date: 2020/10/07
Format: 3BD+3CD

Includes 13 episodes of TV anime "Senkizessho Symphogear GX" aired from July to September 2015. Includes the bonus footage and audio of bonus CD featured in the Blu-ray and DVDs back then. Includes six illustrations cards of the cover artwork on respective volumes newly illustrated by Satoru Fujimoto, and a booklet in special wrapped box. Bonus footage includes digests of talk shows, trailers for episodes 1-13, creditless intro, creditless outro, TV SPOT collection, music video collections and more. Bonus CD Disc 1: character songs. Disc 2: twelve instrumental character songs. Disc 3: original sound tracks.
Release Date: 2020.10.7(Limited)