2. GODZILLA - Live Cinema Style Complete Film Score Recordings

GODZILLA - Live Cinema Style Complete Film Score Recordings

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Label: KING(JPN)
CD No: KICC-1276
Release Date: 2016/08/24
Format: 1CD

All the original music used in the tokusatsu film GODZILLA in 1954 come out as CD. Kaoru Wada who is a favorite disciple of Akira Ifukube, uses scores made for "Godzilla Cinema Concert." Kaoru Wada conducts Japan Century Symphony Orchestra. Release Date: 2016.8.24

Track List

GODZILLA (1954) - Live Cinema Style Complete Music Recordings
1. Main Title
2. Eiko-maru Senin no Kyusoku (Premiere complete recording)
3. Eiko-maru no Chinbotsu
4. Bingo-maru no Chinbotsu
5. Ooto-jima no Fuan
6. Ooto-jima no Kagura
7. Arashi no Ooto-jima
8. Chosa-sen Shukko (Frigate March)
9. Ooto-jima no Theme
10. Frigate March I
11. Suiso no Kyofu
12. Godzilla Joriku
13. Godzilla Geigeki Seyo
14. Godzilla Sai Joriku
15. Godzilla Moui
16. Godzilla Tokyo-wan e
17. Teito no Sanjo
18. Oxygen Destroyer
19. Heiwa no Inori
20. Frigate March II
21. Kaiteika no Godzilla
22. Ending

SF Symphony Fantasy
23. SF Kaiju Fantasy

Wada Kaoru conducts Japan Century Symphony Orchestra

Recording at The Century Orchestra House at May 1, 2016
Stereo (Digital/ Session)