2. BEST COLLECTION - X.I.P. [Limited Release] (3CD)

BEST COLLECTION - X.I.P. [Limited Release] (3CD)

Price(USD): $47.80

Label: KOEI(JPN)
CD No: KECH-9067
Release Date: 2023/01/25
Format: 3CD

To commemorate the 10th anniversary, we are releasing a best-of album featuring songs released after 2015! It includes 18 songs from "Burning with U" to "Eat you up", plus instrumental tracks that have not been recorded on CD. In addition, the bonus track "PRINCE REP. RADIO" from the live performance <3 Majesty x X.I.P. LIVE -AUTUMN CARNIVAL->, which is not included in the live DVD, is also included. It is a very exciting and exciting live performance! Includes an official mini fan book (X.I.P. ver.) in which X.I.P. members look back and talk about their 10th anniversary.
Release Date: 2023.1.25(Limited)