2. BLUE REFLECTION::TIE Official Soundtrack (3CD)

BLUE REFLECTION::TIE Official Soundtrack (3CD)

Price(USD): $34.50

Label: KOEI(JPN)
CD No: KECH-8088
Release Date: 2021/10/20
Format: 2CD

The official 3 CD soundtrack for the latest installment of the BLUE REFLECTION series, Blue Reflection: Tie, featuring 40 new tracks! It includes songs newly created for BLUE REFLECTION Tie, the intro theme sung by Chata, and the outro theme sung by Yukacco. The full version of the intro theme is also included! The songs from the previous game "Blue Reflection Maboroshi ni Mau Shojo no Ken " that are used in the game of "BLUE REFLECTION Tie" are not included.
Release Date: 2021.10.20