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CD No: KDSD-00358
Release Date: 2010/03/24
Format: 6CD

Complete Original soundtrack from the PS3/ Xbox360 game "End Of Eternity." Music by Motoi Sakuraba and Hokoe Tanaka!! Release Date: 2010.3.24

Track List

1 The beginning of eternity2 Fighting with the devil3 The truth4 Resonance of fate5 Home sweet home6 Upper World7 Upper World-Night8 Mall9 Quiet Time10 Ebel City11 Ebel CIty-Night12 Back Alley(A)13 Back Alley(B)14 Chandelier15 Chandelier-Night16 Cardinal's Manor17 Rainy Bridge(A)18 Rainy Bridge(B)19 Closed Road(A)20 Closed Road(B)21 Irruption(A)22 Irruption(B)23 Victory24 Middle World25 Middle World-Night26 Cranktown27 Cranktown-Night28 Crank Seminary29 Perpetual30 Obsessed31 Hughes Power Station(A)32 Hughes Power Station(B)33 Hughes Power Station-Night(A)34 Hughes Power Station-Night(B)35 Arena(A)36 Arena(B)37 Cheerful and peaceful38 Forest road of Idols(A)39 Forest road of Idols(B)40 Forest of Idols(A)41 Forest of Idols(B)42 Open Air Studio(A)43 Open Air Studio(B)44 End of fate45 Danger Danger46 Lower World47 Albona48 Mine 24(A)49 Mine 24(B)50 Delight & Enjoyment51 Tundra(A)52 Tundra(B)53 Silver Canyon(A)54 Silver Canyon(B)55 Silver Canyon-Night(A)56 Silver Canyon-Night(B)57 Reverse of fortune58 Lucia(A)59 Lucia(B)60 Scrapyard(A)61 Scrapyard(B)62 Fire after fire(A)63 Fire after fire(B)64 Different desire65 Disillusion(A)66 Disillusion(B)67 Etsia(A)68 Etsia(B)69 Gran Idee Mines(A)70 Gran Idee Mines(B)71 Freud Remnants(A)72 Freud Remnants(B)73 Rock Crushing Site(A)74 Rock Crushing Site(B)75 Deserted Block(A)76 Deserted Block(B)77 Disaster78 Shoot it out(A)79 Shoot it out(B)80 Associates81 Happy-go-lucky82 Square Garden-Red & Green(A)83 Square Garden-Red & Green(B)84 Square Garden-White(A)85 Square Garden-White(B)86 Warehouse District(A)87 Warehouse District(B)88 Dakota Vein(A)89 Dakota Vein(B)90 Patertopolis(A)91 Patertopolis(B)92 I would be a CHAMP!?93 a memento of...94 Elderly sage95 Aetersyl(A)96 Aetersyl(B)97 Outer Wall(A)98 Outer Wall(B)99 Lifting shadows off the fate100 Shadows of the fate101 Fret102 Basilica(A)103 Basilica(B)104 Showdown105 Armed and Dangerous(A)106 Armed and Dangerous(B)107 Best friends108 In the frame(A)109 In the frame(B)110 Battle to pay the debt(A)111 Battle to pay the debt(B)112 Anguish of a man on the clockwork world113 The show must go on(A)114 The show must go on(B)115 Final Curtain116 The end of eternity117 Dangerous Attraction118 Red Hot Choi Polis