2. HYOKA Vol. 11 (BD+CD)

HYOKA Vol. 11 (BD+CD)

Price(USD): $70.50

CD No: KAXA-5011
Release Date: 2013/04/26
Format: BD+CD

Blu-ray release of Kyoto Animation (K-On) new anime series based on a novel of Honobu Yonezawa, animation directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto (Fullmetal Panic, Suzumiya Haruhi) and music by Kohei Tanaka! Comes with a bonus CD featuirng original soundtrack, audio drama, and radio digest track plus a 16-page booklet, and 2 postcards. Release Date: 2013.4.26 (Limited)

Track List

Region Code: Free
Subtitles: None
Audio Track: Japanese: Linear PCM
Color: Color