2. ODYSSEY OF THE BELEM: Jules Verne Festival Overture

ODYSSEY OF THE BELEM: Jules Verne Festival Overture

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Format: 1CD

2 Versions of this music were recorded; this version is the entire symphony as it should by performed in a concert hall.

Music performed by the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The music for ODYSSEY OF THE BELEM is the direct result of having been invited by Jean-Christophe Jeauffre to be part of the Jules Verne Adventures film crew during their voyage aboard the Belem trois-mats. This beautiful three mast iron clad vessel is possibly the last of its kind and has been in continuous service for well over a hundred years. The film would trace the routes and destinations of the Belem at the height of it's fame as a transporter of provisions to the French convict colonies.

I. Odyssey of the Belem

1. First Tableau - Crossing the Atlantic 11:35
2. Second Tableau - The Amazon Rain Forest 11:10
3. Third Tableau - Eruption of Mount Pele 12:32
4. Fourth Tableau - Whales of Atlantis 16:06

II. Jules Verne Festival Overture 10:38

The JULES VERNE FESTIVAL OVERTURE was commissioned by Jean-Christophe Jeauffre for performance at one of the Jules Verne Adventures annual concerts. The first performance took place on 18th November 1999 at the Institute D'Oceanographie in Paris. The overture starts with a fanfare before launching into a look at the work and character of Jules Verne. Themes representing some of his most celebrated stories are incorporated. Jules Verne had a great love of the sea and it is befitting that the sea, together with his wit and inventiveness, provide the dominant inspiration for this light hearted but deeply felt work.