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CD No: ISE-1032
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Format: 1CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. Symphonic terror-fest! World premiere of original soundtrack from William Wesley scarecrow nightmare tale with Ted Vernon, Michael Simms. Terry Plumeri creates intense, creepy orchestral score with emphasis on dark, low woodwind colors, percussion, strings. Plumeri uses dissonance but balances with considerable use of solo colors, tonal ideas. Results are lean, fresh horror music that evokes scoring economies of TV's famous original TWILIGHT ZONE series. Complete score presented in crisp, dynamic sound direct from 1/2” three-track stereo session masters vaulted at MGM. A treat for horror movie soundtrack fans! Terry Plumeri conducts. Intrada Signature Edition limited to 1000 copies!
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Track List

01. Scarecrows Main Titles 1:48
02. The Road To The Farm 1:45
03. Running For The Plane 1:18
04. The Cleaning of Bert's Head 1:05
05. Waking Up 1:56
06. You Want The Money? 2:54
07. The Man Stuffed With Money 2:53
08. Entrance To The Old Farm House 2:07
09. Three Crosses 1:05
10. Barbed Wire Daddy 1:08
11. The Conference 2:35
12. The Return 1:22
13. Through The Woods 1:15
14. The Truck With No Engine 2:13
15. Roxanne's Dilemma 0:40
16. How Are We Gonna Live In Mexico… If We’re Dead? 1:37
17. The Last Phone Call 0:51
18. The Getaway 1:18
19. Death On A Plane 3:50