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Format: 1CD

Premiere release of complete Jerry Fielding score from Sam Peckinpah CIA thriller with James Caan, Robert Duvall. Intrada previously released highlights but now offers entire score newly remixed and remastered from original MGM session masters for best audio ever! Fielding fashions one of his finest “Main Titles”, presented here in both final film version and never-used early take with increased low brass “punch”. Exciting! Love theme also now appears in gorgeous take recorded at sessions for publishers. Several new pieces of suspense music as well as jazz cues add dimension to tense, exciting score. Fielding's last score for Peckinpah winds with incredibly dynamic final “End Credits” - a stirring coda to famous composer/director collaboration. Authoritative new notes from Nick Redman complete handsome package. Jerry Fielding conducts. Intrada Special Collection limited to 1500 copies! LABEL SOLD OUT. Out of print CD. Only our remain copies!

Track List

01. Try A Little Softer (Love Theme from “The Killer Elite”) 2:05
02. Main Title (Alternate) 2:03
03. Locken Shot 1:21
04. Buddy Cat 1:56
05. On the Stairs 2:23
06. In the Limo 2:51
07. You’re Back In 2:04
08. Bye Bye 0:54
09. Mack’s Garage 2:47
10. Club Source 4:27
a) Night Club Strip
b) Marge and Grover Cleveland
c) Marge and Grover Cleveland
11. Garbage Truck 0:46
12. Let’s Go 0:48
13. Hot Waltz on Thin Ice in Two Movements Without Pause 5:36
14. Hansen at Steel Yard 1:06
15. Crane Stance/Salmon Up the River 2:45
16. Mack Shoots Hank 1:23
17. Hansen Gets Tokyo Rose/Hansen Gets His 2:46
18. Listen Carefully 0:31
19. Sailing to Suisun Bay 5:47
20. Collis Gets His 0:51
21. Mothball Karate 2:35
22. Swords 1:35
23. End Credits 3:50

Score Time: 54:11

Bonus Track
24. Main Title 2:01