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World premiere of complete original soundtrack from intense Michael Winner prequel to Henry James' “Turn of the Screw”, starring Marlon Brando. Jerry Fielding makes rare foray into horror genre, spotlights dynamic contrast between pastoral exterior of tale, violent interior. Elegant brass & woodwinds assist in former, strings are heart of latter. Fielding balances accessible harmonies for gentle scenes with dark, cerebral ones for perverse behaviors, violence, then finally turns score inside out with cold, atonal finish playing in total opposition to prim & proper beginning. Brilliant! Intrada CD presents entire score in sequence from original stereo session masters in superb condition. Authoritative notes from Nick Redman, dramatic graphics from Joe Sikoryak complete package. Jerry Fielding conducts. Special Collection release limited to 1500 copies! OUT OF PRINT CD.

Track List

01. 1M1 Main Title 2:45
02. 1M2 The Smoking Frog 2:08
03. 2M2 Bedtime at Blye House 3:03
04. 3M1 New Clothes for Quint 0:36
05. 3M2 The Children’s Hour 1:22
06. 3M3 Pas De Deux 1:26
07. 3M4A Like a Chicken on a Spit 0:57
08. 4M1 All That Pain 0:59
09. 5M1/6M1 Summer Rowing 2:04
10. 6M2 Quint Has a Kite 1:01
11. 6M3 Act Two Prelude: Myles in the Air 0:55
12. 6M4 Upside Down Turtle 1:36
13. 7M1 An Arrow for Mrs. Grose 0:32
14. 7M2 Flora and Miss Jessel 1:12
15. 7M4 Tea in the Tree 1:02
16. 7M5 The Flower Bath 2:22
17. 8M1 Pig Sty 1:38
18. 9M1 Moving Day 0:55
19. 9M2 The Big Swim 3:32
20. 9M4/10M1 Through the Looking Glass 2:42
21. 10M2 Burning Dolls 2:07
22. 10M3/10M4 Exit Peter Quint, Enter the New Governess; Recapitulation and Postlude 2:01

Total Score Time = 37:53

23. 6M5 Pub Piano 2:13