2. RED EYE


Price(USD): $77.70

Release Date: 2015/03/31
Format: 1CD

Catch a flight to terror with premiere release of exciting Marco Beltrami soundtrack from Wes Craven air travel thriller! Rachel McAdams is the passenger, Cillian Murphy is her seatmate, terror is the name of the game. Beltrami sets both mood and pulse from the outset with lean, suspenseful ideas for strings and French horn over steady rhythm in percussion & keyboards, with low brass outbursts slashing through all. As the suspense increases, so do the above musical devices, culminating in aggressive, dynamic action music for the entire orchestra. Interestingly, Beltrami relies heavily on French horn, bass trombone to bring intensity to his score but omits trumpet. Resulting action sequences are grim, darker-edged, powerful! Crisp recording, dynamic performances create vibrant audio, lengthy cues create coherency. Another exciting asset: generous maxed-out CD playing time. Film itself is scored nearly wall-to-wall with numerous cues playing front and center. All of them (plus two ''extras'') are presented in stereo from pristine condition digital scoring session mixes courtesy Paramount Pictures. Marco Beltrami composes, Pete Anthony conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain! ---INTRADA

Track List

01. Main Title Sequence (2:05)
02. Arriving At The Airport (4:10)
03. A Friendly Gesture (1:15)
04. Waiting For The Flight (2:37)
05. Takeoff (1:58)
06. Changing Focus (10:11)
07. No Back-Up Plan (4:19)
08. Things That Go Bump In The Night (4:12)
09. Bathroom Interlude (4:13)
10. A Stolen Pen (2:18)
11. Landing (8:47)
12. The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword (4:56)
13. Rocket Fishing (3:16)
14. Arriving At Home (2:04)
15. Jack’s Back (8:36)
16. End Credits (8:51)
Total Time: (74:08)

The Extras
17. Arriving At The Airport, Pt. 1 - Alternate (2:23)
18. Jet Lag Gestures (2:31)
Total Extras Time: (4:57)