2. THE DOVE (Expanded)

THE DOVE (Expanded)

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Release Date: 2015/03/31
Format: 1CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. Gorgeous John Barry soundtrack makes CD world premiere! Charles Jarrott directs, Joseph Bottoms, Deborah Raffin star, Gregory Peck produces. True story chronicles 5-year voyage of young high school dropout, becoming youngest ever to sail around globe. ''The Dove'' refers to his 24-foot sailing sloop. John Barry follows up director Jarrott's successful Mary, Queen Of Scots with equally lush, melodic score in signature style. Beautiful main theme trades with dramatic passages for challenges at sea. Haunting ''Sail The Summer Winds'', sung by Lyn Paul with lyrics by Don Black also features. Intrada presents all contents of original 1974 ABC label album, newly re-mixed and re-mastered in vibrant stereo from 8-channel session masters stored in pristine condition in UMG vaults. Album track entitled ''Xing'mombila'' was originally created by joining two short Barry cues with native chanting in the middle while LP presentation of ''The Dove (End Title)'' included sound effects. Having actual multi-track elements allows Intrada to offer these tracks both with and without effects! Further extras include additional previously unreleased score cues from film, presented in mono, courtesy Paramount Pictures. Also playing amongst these extra cues is complete version of ''Alone On The Wide, Wide Sea'' which is edited on the LP. Elegant packaging designed by Joe Sikoryak plus notes by Tim Greiving complete this treat for John Barry fans! John Barry conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain! ---INTRADA

Track List

Original 1974 Soundtrack Album
01. The Dove (Main Title) (3:05)
02. Sail The Summer Winds* (3:11)
03. Hitch-Hike To Darwin (2:14)
04. Patty And Robin (2:20)
05. Here There Be Dragons (3:09)
06. Mozambique (2:16)
07. The Motorbike And The Dove (1:24)
08. Xing’mombila (2:10)
09. Alone On The Wide, Wide Sea (3:52)
10. Porpoise Escort (2:31)
11. After The Fire (1:50)
12. Sail The Summer Winds* (2:21)
13. The Dove (End Title) (1:55)

The Extras - Stereo Album Mixes (No EFX)
14. Xing’mombila - Part 1 (No EFX) (0:25)
15. Xing’mombila - Part 2 (No EFX) (0:33)
16. The Dove (End Title) (No EFX) (1:49)

The Extras - Previously Unreleased Mono Score Cues
17. Sorta Romantic (1:14)
18. Rotten Cat (0:20)
19. Starting Again (2:28)
20. Near Miss (0:22)
21. From The Depths (2:17)
22. Unknown Seas (1:12)
23. Alone On The Wide, Wide Sea (Complete) (5:00)
24. His Decision (3:11)
*Lyricist: Don Black - Vocalist: Lyn Paul