2. A FAR OFF PLACE (Expanded)

A FAR OFF PLACE (Expanded)

Price(USD): $49.80

Release Date: 2014/12/11
Format: 1CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. Greatly expanded CD release of powerhouse James Horner soundtrack for Mikael Salomon outdoor adventure set in Africa, starring Reese Witherspoon, Jack Thompson, Maximilian Schell. Vivid landscapes, dramatic action inspire Horner to create expansive main theme plus thrilling action music. In between are colorful adventure set-pieces, gentle variants on theme plus exotic touches for wildlife encountered by trio of youngsters during long, challenging journey. Lengthy score has numerous highlights: strong opening ''Main Title'' sequence with dramatic chimes, austere chords as elephant slaughter reaches climax, jagged action of ''The Slaughter'' as parents are killed, beautiful development of main theme during ''The Elephants'', riveting action as trio is ''Attacked From The Air'', colorful suspense of ''Scorpion'', others. Special nods to heroic final chords of ''The Swamp'' as dog leaps to safety, surging fortissimo climax of ''Epilogue/End Credits''. Entire CD mastered from digital two-track session mixes made by Shawn Murphy, courtesy Walt Disney Pictures. Liner notes by John Takis, classy packaging by Joe Sikoryak complete fantastic album! James Horner fashioned several scores for Disney: Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Journey Of Natty Gann, all previously released by Intrada. A Far Off Place is one of the best! James Horner conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain! ---INTRADA

Track List

01. Main Title (5:17)
02. Nonnie’s Rescue (0:38)
03. Cat Food Pate (0:59)
04. Night Departure (2:47)
05. Entering The Cave (2:31)
06. The Slaughter (3:02)
07. Nonnie Finds The Parents (1:01)
08. Revenge (1:36)
09. Nonnie Escapes* (3:18)
10. Impossible Plan (1:18)
11. First Night Out* (0:52)
12. The Elephants (5:04)
13. The Baobob Tree (1:15)
14. Attacked From The Air (3:43)
15. Plane Aftermath (0:56)
16. Inner Feelings (1:38)
17. Digging For Water (2:49)
18. Xhabbo The Poet (2:02)
19. Gemsbok Hunt (1:21)
20. Gemsbok Gift (2:12)
21. The Most Beautiful Gemsbok (1:25)
22. Memories (1:41)
23. The Swamp (3:46)
24. Scorpion (5:17)
25. Sandstorm! (6:49)
26. Reunion With Mopani (1:56)
27. Ricketts’ Death In The Mine (2:47)
28. Epilogue/End Credits (5:32)
*Not Featured in Film