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Original soundtrack from intense Michael Winner western with solid cast led by Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Robert Duvall, many others. Unyielding pursuit without mercy by title character inspires Jerry Fielding to fashion long-winding main theme for strings over unrelenting bed of complex harmonies. Action sequences carry aggressive bursts of dissonant brass, reflective sequences get haunting solo colors from clarinet, flute. Fielding balances between intense music uncharacteristic of traditional western scoring and transparent, relective music showcasing strings with intricate percussion detail. Only once does Fielding nod towards convention, offering some rousing Copland-ish razzle dazzle with 'Branding the Cattle'. In an astonishingly detailed recording (made by Richard Lewzey in London) Fielding gets dynamic sound, particularly from his brass. At the end of the branding sequence, for example, listeners can pinpoint a virtuoso figure being tossed about by one, then two, then three separate trumpets in a tour-de-force display. Stunning writing, exciting playing! Although relatively brief at just over half an hour, Fielding's complete score manages a stunning degree of depth, melodic development and variety of color. Conductor credit in the film goes to David Whitaker per union requirements at the time but sessions were indeed helmed by the composer. This Intrada Special Collection release offers a world premiere of the complete score in dynamic stereo sound, mastered from MGM's original session elements. Jerry Fielding conducts. Limited edition of 1500 copies. OOP CD.

Track List

01. Main Title 4:39
02. Step Wide 1:26
03. Ryan Rides 0:40
04. First Meeting 0:42
05. Old Family Burial Ground 3:03
06. Harvey's Body 0:40
07. Sitting Out 0:53
08. Predators 4:01
09. Branding The Cattle 1:36
10. Requiem In The Pasture 4:14
11. Laura 0:50
12. The Gun 1:20
13. Laura's Room 2:43
14. Corman's Funeral 0:54
15. Resolution 2:52
16. Finis 1:18