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Format: 1CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. At last! World premiere release of intense, evocative Les Baxter score for famous Roger Corman debut in series of Edgar Allan Poe tales starring Vincent Price, filmed for American International in evocatively-colored widescreen. While original session elements have long-since vanished, complete music tracks mixed into mono and assembled for film do remain. Slight variances in levels designed for later addition of dialog & effects in post-production could not be completely avoided but have been minimized during mastering of this CD. As a result, most cues have identical assemblies of film itself, albeit happily without dialog or effects! (We edited together short pieces to create better musical experience.) Every cue appears! Rare music-only elements survive courtesy MGM vaults, efforts of Taylor White of Percepto Records. Neat bonus! MGM commissioned Chace Productions to restore long-lost original 'Overture', previously heard only with initial 1960 release of film in theaters. Chace provided newly-restored master to Intrada for this CD premiere as well! Les Baxter creates sometimes beautifully evocative, sometimes intensely scary score with some of his most striking and exciting music in a lengthy and successful career. Film itself was later re-titled THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER. Les Baxter conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies! ---INTRADA

Track List

The Album
01. Accordion Prelude 0:33
02. Main Title 2:54
03. Cell Aberration 0:46
04. Mexican Scuffle 2:23
05. Samba Con Pollo 1:42
06. San Francisco Cabaret 1:19
07. The Puppet Mill/Love Like 1:43
08. A Delicate Position 0:58
09. The Village Scene 0:39
10. Snow Storm In Siberia/Tumble Down Lorry 2:02
11. Moscow Nights (Balalaika/Accordion) 2:44
12. Mince Meet 0:50
13. Cat On A White Roof 1:20
14. The File On Rone 1:51
15. 7M2 [Not In Finished Film] 0:23
16. 7M4 [Not In Finished Film] 1:24
17. Erika Leaves The Dinner 1:36
18. Games Erika Plays 1:07
19. Love’s Labours Lost/The Unraveling 1:53
20. Too Late, The Hero 2:11
21. Goodbye, Kitai, Goodbye/Erika’s Disenchantment/Erika’s Eroica 3:07
22. Giselle Bridge/The Not So Tender Trap 2:11
23. Acid To Acid 0:43
24. My Love, The Prisoner 0:40
25. The Kremlin Players (End Credits) 1:26

Total Album Time: 39:01

The Extras (Recorded at the Scoring Sessions)
26. Nearer My God To Thee (Organ) 1:01
27. Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (Piano) 0:36
(Music by Alfred Newman/Lyrics by Paul Francis Webster)
28. Giselle - Ballet (Excerpt No. 1) (Adolphe Adam) 0:42
29. Giselle - Ballet (Excerpt No. 2) (Adolphe Adam) 0:37

Total Extras Time: 3:02