2. FLESH+BLOOD (Complete)

FLESH+BLOOD (Complete)

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Format: 1CD

Finally! World premiere release of complete Basil Poledouris masterpiece from 2 inch 24-track session masters, courtesy of MGM. (All previous releases used 1/4 inch elements of varying quality.) Poledouris creates epic score for Paul Verhoeven tale of 16th century warfare, starring Rutger Hauer, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Burlinson. One of his own personal favorites, Poledouris always wanted to re-mix 'mid-range heavy masters' (his words), elaborating that trombones, tuba, certain solo woodwind colors were somewhat buried in original 1985 mix. With discovery of complete 2 inch 24-track session masters, complete remix was now possible! Adding to good vibes, Intrada had access to all original engineering paperwork, including hand-written notes by composer and engineer Eric Tomlinson as to take preferences, particular edits, audio decisions. This allowed us to present complete score in sequence for first time with best-ever clarity in audio! At last, hear pounding tuba pedal tones that double with bass drum during main title plus crisp trombone work during battle music, much more! Dynamic 'The Box' for stirring battle scene is powerful highlight. Film itself includes short tenor drum cadences during cue to mirror shots of young boy sounding battle drums as alarm to galvanize defending forces from formidable approaching army. Since these percussion segments were recorded by Poledouris for synchronizing to action, they were happily present on session masters as well. As such, Intrada premieres final film version plus includes familiar original version so listeners can choose their favorite. Complete 'Plague Dog' sequence another dramatic highlight! Basil Poledouris conducts London Symphony Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 2000 copies! ---INTRADA


Track List

The Album
01. Main Title 2:34
02. Siege Of The City 3:24
03. The Noose 0:34
04. A Rotten Trick 1:19
05. Saint Martin 2:52
06. Lesson In Nature 1:09
07. Agnes And Kathleen 0:48
08. Courtship And Mandrake 4:05
09. Wagon Attack 2:38
10. The Rape 2:40
11. Martin’s Withdrawal/The Pointer/The Castle 5:09
12. Castle Invasion 2:03
13. Feast For Martin 3:20
14. Martin & Agnes Love Theme 1:24
15. Rescue Me 0:52
16. Night Fires 2:22
17. The Box 5:27
18. The Burning Wheel 1:00
19. The Plague Dog 5:07
20. Water (The Undoing) 1:42
21. Prepare For Battle 3:11
22. Arnolfini Assault 5:50
23. Denouement/End Title 7:46

Total Album Time: 68:16

The Extra
24. The Box [With Percussion Overlay] 5:27