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Format: 1CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. World premiere release of action-filled Bronislau Kaper score for 1967 Universal Pictures WWII tale starring Rock Hudson, George Peppard. Intrada presents complete score from Arthur Hiller film, newly mixed & mastered in full stereo from actual multi-track session masters housed in perfect condition in Universal vaults. Kaper creates dynamic main theme, then surrounds with array of action cues, desert warfare suspense sequences. Writing near end of illustrious career, Kaper ventures into thrilling territory of celebrated MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, giving much weight to brass section of orchestra, then concludes with powerful finish… in fact with three (!) endings, including finale of film, 'End Cast' plus brief coda for Universal Studios tour invitation attached to film prints in theaters. Exciting 1967 artwork campaign plus stills, liner notes by Julie Kirgo round out package. More stereo soundtrack excitement from Universal's previously unreleased 1960's treasure chest. Bronislau Kaper composes, Joseph Gershenson conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 2000 copies! ---INTRADA

Track List

01. Main Title/Prologue 2:46
02. Frognapped 2:32
03. Rendezvous 0:43
04. Desert Convoy/Prepare For Attack 3:42
05. Harker’s Humor 1:22
06. Mine Field 1:33
07. Sitting Duck 1:01
08. Taureg Trade/Caravan Continues 2:02
09. Night Camp 0:54
10. Traitor Of The Tunnel 1:40
11. Exit Portman 3:19
12. Head Hunters 3:34
13. Many Tanks 0:43
14. The Big Dump 1:38
15. The Guns Of Mersa 0:55
16. Shalom 1:47
17. Bergman’s Death 2:40
18. End Title/End Cast/Emblem 2:00