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CD No: ISC-495
Release Date: 2023/09/19
Format: 1CD

World premiere of complete James Horner early horror score! “They’re not human. But they hunt human women. Not for killing. For mating.” So goes the movie taglines on posters marketing the film in 1980. The taglines pretty well sum up the picture. Key roles feature Doug McClure, Vic Morrow, Ann Turkel, legendary creature designer Rob Bottin fuses life from both land and sea into one grotesque “humanoid” creation, Barbara Peeters (and uncredited Jimmy Murakami) direct for Roger Corman’s New World Pictures. Picture tips hat heavily towards gore effects and sexual escapades of incoming 80’s “adult” material with closing nod in particular to 1979’s Alien. Composer James Horner writes his second score after The Lady In Red, showcases his understanding of the horror movie medium and his considerable composing talents with a score orchestrated for strings, woodwinds, piano, harp and percussion while leaving all brass at the door save a lone trumpet for select solo work. With reverberating echoplex in tow, Horner launches his “main title”. Dissonant colors for scary happenings in full orchestra, austere solo work for trumpet over strings and origins of his love theme on piccolo (an unusual romantic sonority) all appear. In following “Buck-O” (named for small vessel), Horner opens with exhilarating flourish for woodwinds and piano with xylophone punctuation to accompany the boat, first into adventure then horror. In previously unreleased “Surprise For Baron”, composer aims for suspense surrounding dog that encounters terror of its own followed by frantic search for the missing pet. Other highlights abound: flute over harp and trilling violins bringing love theme into focus if only momentarily, intense string jabs mirroring “Jerry’s Death”, rousing strings punctuated by snare drum (snares off) and tympani that opens “Tommy’s Struggle”, mystery of complete “Hill House” finally erupting into moment of orchestral fury are just four of them. Entire score is all newly-remixed from recently discovered 2” 24-track session elements, reveals numerous orchestral colors buried in original 1980 mix, especially in woodwinds and percussion. For fans familiar with initial album that was released back in the day, new remastering of that oft-released production also appears, retaining Horner’s mix and program choice but with crisper and more detailed sound quality. Score recorded March 15 & 16 at Wilder Bros Studios in Los Angeles. Flipper-style artwork enhances package design by Kay Marshall, informative notes by John Takis. David Newman conducts, James Horner composes. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

Track List

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01. Main Title (From Humanoids From The Deep) (2:25)
02. The Buck-O (3:47)
03. Surprise For Baron (3:02)
04. Men Discover Dogs (0:32)
05. Peggy’s House (2:07)
06. Trip Up River (1:58)
07. Footprint (0:13)
08. Jerry And Peggy (0:53)
09. Borden Catches Something (1:04)
10. Jerry’s Death (2:01)
11. Peggy’s Rape (1:02)
12. The Tent (0:29)
13. Humanoid’s Head (0:20)
14. Tommy’s Struggle (2:53)
15. The Search (1:53)
16. The Underwater Boat By (0:32)
17. Night Swim (1:48)
18. The Grotto (2:45)
19. Drake’s Lab (0:34)
20. Hill House (1:38)
21. Carol’s Final Confrontation (3:03)22. Aftermath (2:23)
23. End Title (From Humanoids From The Deep) (2:12)
Total Time: 41:25

Original 1980 Soundtrack Album
24. Main Title (2:23)
25. The Buck-O (3:42)
26. Unwelcome Visitor (2:00)
27. Night Swim (1:46)
28. Jerry And Peggy (0:54)
29. Trip Upriver (1:55)
30. The Humanoids Attack (2:51)
31. Jerry’s Death (2:01)
32. Search For Clues (1:53)
33. Strange Catch (1:03)
34. The Grotto (3:19)
35. Night Prowlers (2:04)
36. Final Confrontation (3:01)
37. Aftermath (2:18)
38. End Title (2:10)
Total Album Time: 34:09
CD Total Time: 75:36