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CD No: ISC-485
Release Date: 2023/02/28
Format: 2CD

Premier 2-CD release of sizzling Marco Beltrami sci-fi horror score! Dimension Films presents in 1998, Robert Rodriguez directs, Kevin Williamson scripts, attractive cast features Jordana Brewster, Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood, Clea DuVall, Robert Patrick, Piper Laurie, Shawn Hatosy, Salma Hayek, many others. The students at Herrington High School are rowdy crop, tough on each other and their teachers. Then without fanfare, they become targets of an alien virus that turns people into monsters. And unfriendly ones at that. Mayhem ensues. Beltrami was already a veteran of the horror genre, having scored dynamic music for Scream and Mimic for the same studio prior to The Faculty. For this intense and violent thriller, Beltrami scores for full orchestra in a dazzling display of aggressive action music requiring the players to provide numerous techniques with their instruments, from entrances at different times and pitches to uncommon bowing techniques, horn glissandi, detuned instruments and numerous other devices. Rhythms are fierce, the harmonic vernacular frightening. In balance, Beltrami also offers undercurrents of music oblivious to the alien invasion, a musical calm before the storm. Action highlights are many: “Offensive Coach” provides more than three minutes of riveting intensity, “Pop Pop Fizz Fizz” offers berserk orchestral fury, “Just Say No” builds to a dynamic rhythmic finish, “Standing Tall” is pure drama and action, “Zeke And The Geek” offers orchestral razzle dazzle, many others follow suit. “Love Me Tender” is especially exciting! Ditto “Modest Mary” and “Drugs Kill”. On the opposite side, Beltrami offers a strong theme for Casey and another for the student body as a whole. Special spotlight goes to “Lounge Lizards”, where Beltrami opens with his haunting minor key idea for Casey, slides into the broader student body theme, then works the music inexorably into musical chaos and action. When all is said and done, “The Kids Are Alright” ushers in the remaining student body to a rich development of their theme, leading to the closing powerhouse rhythmic treatment of the tune for “Extra Credit”. Two following cues offer an alternate version of “Casey” and Beltrami’s demo version of “Too Cool For School”. This scores packs fireworks! Tim Greiving provides informative booklet notes, Kay Marshall designs the dramatic packaging. John Kurlander records and mixes at Skywalker Sound in October and November 1998, William Boston, Peter Anthony, Robert Elhai, Jon Kull, Kevin Manthei orchestrate, Marco Beltrami composes, conducts the Hollywood Studio Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!

Track List

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CD 1
01. The Shadow (0:31)
02. Forget The Keys (1:20)
03. Offensive Coach (3:48)
04. Exchanging Glances (2:52)
05. Marybeth’s Fishing (0:30)
06. Casey (0:45)
07. Coach And Casey (2:05)
08. Teacher’s Eye (0:34)
09. She’s A Breeder (0:54)
10. Worm Takes A Dip (2:49)
11. Stan Quits (0:46)
12. Spring Shower (1:01)
13. Hot For Teacher (1:34)
14. Lounge Lizards (4:44)
15. Tattletale (1:57)
16. Parental Guidance (3:12)
17. Roof Surfing (1:07)
18. Casey Enters School (1:44)
19. Heavy Drinkers (0:44)
20. Ear Exam (4:45)
21. Library Talk (1:53)
22. Convincing Stan (0:43)
23. Pop. Pop. Fizz. Fizz (2:07)
24. Too Cool For School (2:38)
CD 1 Total Time: 45:59

CD 2
01. Zeke’s Lab (5:53)
02. Just Say No (5:43)
03. Spectator Sport (1:05)
04. Drake’s A Fake (1:49)
05. Death Pose (0:41)
06. Drake And Bake (0:43)
07. Stan Has A Fan (1:34)
08. Stanning Tall (2:45)
09. Zeke And The Geek (2:31)
10. Ridden Hard (2:21)
11. Prep Talk (1:30)
12. Love Me Tender (1:55)
13. Marybeth’s Best (0:43)
14. Modest Mary (3:10)
15. Drugs Kill (4:18)
16. The Kids Are Alright (2:15)
17. Extra Credit (2:59)
Total Score Time: 88:33

18. Casey (Alternate Version) (0:46)
19. Too Cool For School (Demo Version) (2:31)
Total Extras Time: 3:19
CD 2 Total Time: 46:00