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CD No: ISC-425
Release Date: 2019/02/28
Format: 1CD

Vintage Disney soundtrack featuring exciting George Bruns music! It was the “shot heard ‘round the world” when the first battle of the American Revolution began in a small town of Massachusetts in April 1775, fought between British soldiers and a small local militia gathered to resist - and engage if necessary - in a show of defiance for British authority. Walt Disney originally intended the impressively mounted 1957 production to be aired in two parts on television but opted to release Johnny Tremain into theaters instead. Based on Esther Forbes’ famed children’s tale about young Johnny Tremain, then apprentice to a silversmith in Boston in the years prior to the war, the film covers events including the Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere’s famous ride as Tremain becomes wrapped up in the underground colonial struggles leading inexorably towards armed conflict. Robert Stevenson directs, Tom Blackburn scripts, Hal Stalmaster stars with Sebastian Cabot, Luana Patton and very young Richard “Dick” Beymer several years before he was to become Tony in West Side Story. George Bruns scored the picture, having just come off his mega-successful “Ballad Of Davy Crockett” for Disney’s treatment of the legendary frontiersman, with lyrics written by Johnny Tremain’s Tom Blackburn. Disney wanted melody for his new revolutionary war picture and Bruns responded with a warm Americana idea as well as a rousing “Liberty Tree” march. Bruns also underscores numerous dramatic episodes In Johnny’s life as he becomes one of the secret Sons of Liberty. Colorful orchestrations are another asset. While requisite fife and drum make appearances in the battle sequences, Bruns favors a variety of brass fanfares, exciting action sequences and an abundance of rhythmic activity to balance his warmer thematic material. Disney’s record label issued a Johnny Tremain album featuring an assortment of otherwise unrelated patriotic songs on one side with 6 studio re-recorded selections from Bruns score which remained resonably authentic to their original soundtrack counterparts on the other side. Intrada is proud to offer the world premiere of George Bruns’ stirring soundtrack, including the rousing “Liberty Tree” march, with lyrics by Tom Blackburn, all from the actual mono session elements stored in the Disney vaults in pristine condition. In addition to the soundtrack, Intrada also offers the six re-recorded selections that appeared in the children’s record direct from the album master tapes. Jim Lochner authors the liner notes, Kay Marshall creates the flipper-style cover design and booklet. Franklyn Marks, Edward Plumb orchestrate, George Bruns composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain! - from the label.

Release Date: 2019/2/28

Track List

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01. Main Title (Opening Theme) (2:13)
02. Johnny Tremain Theme (0:36)
03. Believe This (0:59)
04. Liberty Tree Theme 1 (2:08)
05. Unwrap It John (2:10)
06. Here’s My Hand On It (1:01)
07. Thank You Sir (0:42)
08. Constable (0:46)
09. Fight Together (0:18)
10. Next Case (2:18)
11. Liberty Tree Theme 2 (1:41)
12. Blow The Whistle (0:25)
13. John Blows The Whistle (0:56)
14. Rights Of Men (3:21)
15. Liberty Tree (2:34)
16. Street Scene (0:29)
17. Their Liberty (0:57)
18. I’ll Hang With Them (1:49)
19. It Worked (0:24)

20. Paul Revere (0:40)
21. Pray We’re Right (1:59)
22. Two By Sea (5:23)
23. First Shot (0:36)
24. Tearing Down The Bridge (2:08)
25. Battle (4:30)
26. Liberty Tree (Closing Theme) (2:08)
Total Time: 44:13

The Extra
27. Marching Drums (3:15)
Total Soundtrack Time: 47:34

1957 Disneyland Album
Re-Recorded Score
28. Old Boston Town (3:54)
29. Johnny Tremain (2:32)
30. Boston Tea Party (3:38)
31. Liberty Tree (3:10)
32. Paul Revere (3:22)
33. Retreat To Boston (3:54)
Total Score Time 20:44